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FOIA Documents Reveal Massive DEA Program to Record American’s Whereabouts With License Plate Readers

The DEA is currently operating a National License Plate Recognition initiative that connects DEA license plate readers with those of other law enforcement agencies around the country. A Washington Post headline proclaimed in February 2014 that the Department of Homeland Security had cancelled its “national license-plate tracking plan,” but all that was ended was one Immigrations and Customs Enforcement solicitation for proposals. In fact, a government-run national license plate tracking program already exists, housed within the DEA. (That’s in addition to the corporate license plate tracking database run by Vigilant Solutions, holding billions of records about our movements.) Since its inception in 2008, the DEA has provided limited information to the public on the program’s goals, capabilities and policies. Information has trickled out over the years, in testimony here or there. But far too little is still known about this program.

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  1. So they now can track the patients at pain clinics and pharmacies? This is almost funny because apparently the DEA can access patient records and prescription histories with out our consent. Apparently now hiding the tag tracker in their agency is another way around court monitoring. Of course now law enforcement can access the monthly monitoring sheet in Tennessee they should be able to continue to work together and save the taxpayers money. All to prevent from spending time arresting the dealers and preventing crime. Why enforce our borders?

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