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While waiting for my lunch order to be brought to our table.. I was flipping thru my emails on my phone… trying to delete the trash/spam from the 70 odd emails in the inbox.. and abruptly stopped at this one.. From a pharmacist friend and started reading… the last sentence really pissed me off… because another suicide caused by the good ole boys at the DEA.  Isn’t assisted suicide a crime ? Here is the definition of  Genocide is the systematic murder or destruction of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. Maybe the “killing off” of the disabled in this country that is “taxing” our Medicare/Medicaid healthcare system is not a genocide.. just a thinning of the heard or survival of the fittest .. sort of dog -eat -dog.  As in this case… this person.. was just allowed to do herself in and just “vanish from the radar ”  Since she wasn’t a celebrity.. no big fuss…

Perhaps everyone needs to reread this post from back in Aug 2014.. showing how the DOJ is imposing its moral beliefs on our society with intimidation…

Does this sound familiar ?

A good friend of mine, a nurse who worked at a LTC in Kokomo (she just took a new job) told me the woman who died in Fowler IN was indeed a suicide from chronic pain. One of her co workers was a friend of the woman and told my friend her pain not been getting treated properly and decided F*** it. Very sad. I told my friend unfortunately that was my first thought when I saw that she had suffered from pain issues in the story write up. thought you would want to know for your blog. There was never any follow up in the paper. I’m sure it was out of respect for the family and friends.

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  1. Unfortunately, pain patients committing suicide never makes the news…bad for the “war on prescription pain meds”. If it had been an idiot overdosing on these meds it would be everywhere! And the family would be given unlimited air time, support, a fund would be set up for them and the country would be “outraged! Just another example of how chronic pain patients lives aren’t as important to the federal and state agencies as drug abusers!

  2. Another plus for the DEA and the compassionate doctors. Thankfully I am able to manage with my medication but when that is taken away I will be also. No sense in suffering when it can be prevented. Perhaps we need to keep a wall of death that the DEA has caused. We need to add come to the USA and suffer so criminals and dealers can be ignored to our pledge. Now I apologize.

  3. Living in Indiana, it seems to me that I hear about two distinct, and inseparate issues. 1. The possibility patients with chronic psychological issues may not be well-served by their healthcare providers, and 2. large number of illegitimately obtained drugs to abusers.

    I attended the 5th Annual Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium, reversing the tide of opioid abuse in October 2014 and learned of new State regulations aimed towards some resolution of the disparate acquisition of pharmaceutical compounds and wonder at the level of decision-making by pharmacists in filling prescriptions, whether or not they work for a retail chain or mail-out or other type of pharmacy employer.

    There are a lot of people that have chronic pain issues, whose quality of life and contribution to society is impacted by this prevalent health condition, and it is not our job to interfere with the delivery of the total health care needs of individuals.

    We, as a profession, haven’t trained in assessing patient needs for opioids, but we are responsible for ensuring provision of legitimately prescribed medications for individuals and in our public health duty, that they do not indiscriminately enter the public arena.

  4. Very sad. It’s a disgrace, & a travesty of justice. It seems as though it’s a crime in this country to be a chronic pain sufferer. I’m tired myself of being looked upon as a second class citizen. Every month, it’s the same story, never knowing if they’ll fill my meds prescribed by a Dr. I’m a wife, mother, & soon to be grandmother. I’m stressed every month. It’s wrong to deny a legitimate patient the right to have pain control. I follow all the rules of pain management, & time after time, I’m still denied a basic human right. I’m not surprised the media did not publish a follow up to this terribly tragic story. E.L.

  5. Good Post. “Genocide” The systematic mass decimation of a group of individuals could indeed be a foreseen result of death by a series of designed structures of ignoring the needs of the generalised population by planning.

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