October American Pharmacist Month

Celebrate Pharmacy During American Pharmacists Month


From the article:

In celebration of American Pharmacists Month, pharmacists are encouraged to spread the word about their work throughout the month of October.
“American Pharmacists Month is a time to recognize pharmacists for the vital contributions they make to health care in the United States through improved medication use and advanced patient care,” the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) states on its website. “(It) is a time to educate your patients, motivate your staff, and engage and inspire your community to ‘Know Your Pharmacists, Know Your Medicine.
Vital contribution is a vague term… I guess that the DEA’s viewpoint is the more control meds that are turned down.. the more vital contribution we are providing.

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  1. What a waste of time and resources. If you stop a person on the street and inquire about the “special month” they wouldn’t have a clue. All it does it pat ourselves on the back

  2. Here We go again. Patting ourselves on the back and the program means zero to the public. What a waste of time and resources. I’ll bet if you stop the person on the street they wouldn’t have a clue.

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