And #Walgreens wonders why they get fined

AFFIDAVIT: Roommate Says Fired Deputy Took Home Drugs From Drop-Off Box

From the article:

Bryan was arrested Monday by the SBI. He was then fired by Sheriff Neil Elks. The detective with their major crimes unit was charged with obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. His arrest warrant says the deputy was accused of telling a pharmacist that he was shorted 41 Percocet pills, which the pharmacist replaced.

Is WAGS record keeping so bad that this particular store that they can’t tell if their inventory is 41 tabs OVER ? Or was this particular RPH so intimidated by this officer that they caved and gave him the 41 tabs.. knowing that they were being lie to… wonder how they “covered-up” the shortage on their in store C-II inventory records ?

DEA just hit CVS in CALF for 29 million  in fines.. is WAGS in NC next to have a visit/audit by the DEA ?

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