Happy Turkey Day

turkey Recently on the news, there has been a great deal of discussion about some/many of the BIG BOX stores being open on Thanksgiving Day.. and how unfair it is to the workers of these stores..

I haven’t heard anything about it being unfair for all those employees of chain dug stores, restaurants and other such establishments¬† that are open.

I am sure that there will be a lot of people who will be grateful that you are there on Thanksgiving.. until they find out that they don’t have any refills left on their controlled Rxs.

However, I am thankful that I am retired and no longer working on that treadmill.

menorahLast , but not least, to my Jewish readers… happy Hanukkah


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  1. Steve,
    I worked yesterday at my hospital. While all of the local chain pharmacies (CVS, Wags) were open, only in the 24 hour stores were the pharmacies open. Most were closed. I think this is a new trend to reduce payroll. You are just cramming 7 days work into 6 days.

  2. Just read a news story about a Pizza Hut manager that would not work his employees on Thanksgiving. He was fired.

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