I recently wrote about Cardinal Wholesaler “cutting off” the controls to one of its Medicine Shoppe Franchisees…  http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=3929


I have been communicating with this RPH.. and the information that is being provided to me… makes this whole situation very bizarre …

It would seem that this whole situation unfolded because a pt was referred to this particular pharmacy because the pharmacy that this pt had been getting their 270 Oxycodone 30 mg for an extended period of time.. got a new – freshly minted RPH as PIC .. and this RPH refused to continue filling this Rx for the pt.. because of the dose.. that the pt had been taking for some time.

Apparently the sudden increase in Oxycodone purchases by this Medicine Shoppe got the attention of someone at Cardinal.. which got them questioning..

The Medicine Shoppe RPH sent to the pharmacy’s attorney a redacted information on this patient and the pharmacy’s protocol in how they handle ALL chronic pain pts meds.

Apparently the pharmacy’s attorney.. turned this information over to Cardinal and apparently all hell broke loose.. since Cardinal turned the information over to the DEA.

Also after all of this.. the pharmacy’s attorney decided to resign from the case… so now the RPH has to fight both an attorney who may have gotten in over his head and left the RPH high and dry and find a new attorney to take on the case and get up to speed… all the while.. this Medicine Shoppe cannot get any controls from Cardinal.. even though the Franchisee agreement MANDATES that the pharmacy purchase a minimum of 95% of all purchase from Cardinal.

I guess that the interaction of Cardinal with the DEA in that Florida incident with those CVS stores that sold multiple of times the doses of Oxycodone than the average store and the DEA blamed Cardinal for “not paying attention” and it ended up costing Cardinal millions and millions of dollars… settling it all..

I am starting to wonder if the government is really here to protect us.. or could care less if they do substantial harm to a certain segment of our population. My money is on those that abuse drugs will find some other substance to abuse.. while those that have a legit need for these meds.. will end up suffering in silence