Could Narxcare be a ticking time bomb for some pts ?

I made this post about one year ago

What a Narxcare score means to chronic pain/subjective disease pts

at the time, I had concerns about how the processes that  Appriss health was going to use to compile the information on pts and come up with some sort of “OD risk score” was going to case some pts to get inaccurate HIGH SCORES and they would get denied their medication(s) and/or get tossed out of many practices because of those inaccurate high scores.

If you have been denied care because of Narxcare or other nebulous reasons – here is your chance to speak up

There is a recent post – one month ago – about a reporter working on a BIG STORY about loosing care because of Narxcare scores or other “scoring systems

Today, I got my first email from a pt that some data keying errors from a Walgreen Rx dept staff… has caused the pt to get toss from one of his/her practitioner’s practices.  It would seem that whoever keyed in one of the pt’s routine C-II Rxs that she gets from a large multi prescriber practice.  Apparently, whoever keyed the Rxs into the system did not know which prescriber that the pt saw – signature was probably not legible – so they just chose one of the names on the top of the paper Rx at random and over several months… the state’s PDMP was showing that the pt was getting the same medication FROM FOUR DIFFERENT PRESCRIBERS –  never mind that all the prescribers were at the same address, same practice… apparently Narxcare picked this up from the state’s PDMP database and their computer assigned this pt a HIGH OD RISK SCORE…  and everything started hitting the fan when the pt’s prescriber pulled the  state’s PDMP report and the Narxcare report was attached.

When Narxcare was first announced, it was not clear how many different databases that they were going to pull information from on a pt to determine the final risk score. This one incident clearly shows how the careless input of data at the pharmacy Rx dept… can SNOWBALL thru the PDMP to Narxcare and who knows what other databases Narxcare picks up data points that may – or may not – actually belong to the pt.  Never the less, Narxcare publishes a “OD RISK SCORE” for the pt… there are some “warning” footnotes on these reports… but don’t expect a lot of medical professionals to read them.

Just look at the number of healthcare professionals that don’t understand that urine tests are not 100% accurate and can throw +/- 20% false positive/negative and untold number of pts end up being tossed from a practice.

I have no idea how this pt is going to get their straightened out..  It appears that it is obvious that it started by a pharmacy staff member at a Walgreen being poorly trained, careless, over stressed or so short staffed that Rx dept members are “cutting corners” to keep the volume of Rxs filled up to what is expected.

I am surprised that this pt got a hold of their Narxcare report… most states makes it illegal for a practitioner to give a pt a copy of their PDMP report. I just wonder how many pts will end up being tossed from a practice and denied needed medical care because of faulty/incorrect information being put into a state’s PDMP report and Narxcare picks up the data and turns the data into falsely high OD RISK SCORE ?

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, my dr in 2016 gave me the print out that he had, again the same mistake was made, keying in the wrong dr. I also had a come apart at that clinic and even called the rx while the dr was standing there and she told him that is how he comes up in their system. This is insane… If they are going to “use” this paper to decide if a person is treated like a human or not, then they better start handing the paper over so people can see why they are being denied care.

  2. How do you know if your doctors are looking at your NARXCARE score? Are all doctors now required to use it?

  3. I was gonna ask you a question but you answered it Why arent we allowed to have a copy of the PDMP report and all the other made up tests they have us do? I mean its our records . How do we no there arent mistakes on our reports like was on this womans?

    • Since Narxcare was announced as being available… I have been waiting for this email/phone call to happen… I knew it was just a matter of time .. I had forgotten about the post from that reporter who was doing a article about Narxcare impacting pt care. In Indiana & Kentucky where I am licensed… originally, the PDMP was only for police to request a report on a person or practitioner who they have active investigation going on. and it was reported that there was only one report a week requested by law enforcement. Eventually it was mandatory for pharmacists to sign up to have access to the PDMP. Even mandatory that they ran reports on new pts with new controlled Rxs to be filled. Now when I pull up a PDMP from Indiana (INSPECT) a Narxcare report is automatically generated. It is as if the bureaucrats who signed up for Narxcare believed in the infallibility of the Narxcare report?

      • I knew it would be a matter of time before problems. I had a dr stop seeing me after 3.5 years (w records 8 years perfect Urine Drug Tests) after one incorrect UDS. I had over a year of investigation before the actual LAB DIRECTOR found the mistake and that the UDS was not valid. The DR still refused to change what he put in my records even with the lab director letter from the hospital they are both affiliated with. I don’t understand why he dr did this, all I could do was write a letter and have it placed in my records about what happened- but even this probably makes me look like a pain in the butt patient! Thank God I have a new health care provider, I was lucky to find her!

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