Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed SAFE PRESCRIBING– THE GOVERNMENTS VIEW

The assumption is feckless doctors not knowing what they are doing have overprescirbed and this has caused more overdose deaths and addiction so CDC has told us what to do, to make it safe and cut down on these problems.

It did not work. Deaths are up. Addiction is the same as always.

But millions of very tragic consequences have occurred with people forcibly discontinued from the the control of their permanent painful diseases to solve the Heroin multidrug overdose problems, Ask CDC who exactly is dying and why they separated multidrugs to make it look like it was prescription drugs- a terrible mistake,

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  1. Go Dr Kline & NPC !

    CDC is a garbage organization.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Please the CDCS’ own data disprove the fact that a decline in prescribing would have overdoses lower. IT DID NOT! Conversely, the number of overdoses increased!! Of course they did because using the terminology Opioid overdoses is inaccurate. The correct term is “street drugs” or illicit fentanyl, all conveniently lumped together to confuse and to continue the false narrative of opioid overdoses, which is FALSE!!

  3. Once again Dr. Kline is spot on. Like I have said before the whole problem with this,,is govt agencies like the CDC that have been “bought” by outside groups with there own agenda…Somehow PROPagander bought there way into the CDC and tells them or sells them on this junk science made up garbage about pain medicine.I cant believe a group of shrinks have more say then the AMA Until this group is brought down its going to be an uphill battle. I have all my faith with Dr,Kline and his council ,that they will challenge PROPagander with all there unproven junk science and prevail. Hopefully then we can get health care back to the doctors

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