Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: YOUR PRIVACY IS BEING BREACHED AGAIN

The prescription drug monitoring systems PDMPs are expanding into medical privacy issues with more add ons.. Doctors are being rated as dangerous, patients are labeled as likely to overdose and die, all based on phony assumptions and very bad data. This is a good time to look into what each state is doing with your, and your doctors information and with wizardy and a crystal ball – “you will die of an overdose and it will be caused by your doctor

I know that the two states that I am licensed in … it is legal to provide the pt with a copy of their PDMP report. What Dr Kline did not address with the physician report is that the DEA likes to use the civil asset forfeiture act against prescribers.  Of the 12,000 odd employees that work for the DEA at the federal level… at least 50%… ONLY WORK AT A DESK…  with all the databases out there… one should not be surprised if there isn’t a database estimating the NET WORTH of any of us… Most/all of investigation of prescribers would seem to start with a “desk audit “

What if the DEA decided to merge the doctor prescribing data from the 49 states that has a PDMP with the net worth of licensed prescribers…. into a spreadsheet and then sort those two columns to show the net worth of the larger prescribers of controlled meds and/or sort by the prescriber’s net worth to see who has the largest net worth to find those prescribers who are SUSPICIOUS PRESCRIBERS.

I have noticed that over the last year + that the DEA has also charging prescribers with healthcare billing fraud of Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare.  With the Civil Asset Confiscate Law … they can seize assets without a person being convicted of any charges.  Some bureaucrats seems to  becoming uncomfortable of seizing a citizen’s assets based on a suspicion or opinion of what the prescriber is doing wrong.

So the raid on the office is done on the opinion that the prescriber is violating the Controlled Substance Act and prescribing controlled meds to people/pts that the DEA has determined had no valid medical necessity.  When someone is taken to our Federal Court system… averages suggests that ONLY 5% are found INNOCENT.

There are so many databases out there, no one really knows how the DEA is slicing/dicing databases to allow them to amass data to support their suspicion/opinion what a prescriber is doing or not doing.

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  1. I LOVE Dr. Kline I dont no if its because im getting older or this BS is getting older,but his reports are making me “ill” Though no fault of his, its just seems like these useless agencies keep popping up or have been around and jus do what the hell they want HIPPA law or not…So once again the solution is a lawsuit? Against who? Between this and corrupt political garbage going on, the use of my brain has dwindled down to 1 hour a day. .I didnt “work” this hard in school learning 🙁
    Thank you for posting this Steve and Thank you Dr. Kline

  2. It is scary when the DEA knows you by name!

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