How can every pharmacy in the Hollywood/Hallendale area not have Percocet 10/325 ?


I’m from Arkansas. I came to visit my daughter & grandchildren October 28th not realizing I had a broken hip (right) I had fallen the day before I left for Florida & went to the ER X- Rays showed no break so i came to Florida. On November 14th I bent over & felt a pop in my (R) hip & down I went, luckily half on a bed. Went to ER (memorial in hollywood, Fl.) X- Ray showed no break, CT showed an irregularity which prompted an MRI after staying in the short term stay the results from that is a “non displaced superior fracture of the pelvic ramus with extensive marrow adema” can’t have surgery due to location of fracture. 

      I was able to be released & the doctor wrote a script for 12 Percocet 10/325 & told to see a local doctor within 3 days because that was all they were allowed to write my script for & I would need more pain medication so I made a appointment with a doctor got a script for 7 days here is my problem when I went to fill my script every pharmacy I went to said ” we don’t have any percocet, our shipment will be in the middle of next week”, 2 wal marts, neighborhood market, 2 CVS then finally Walgreens filled my 3 day supply however, I’m still looking for a pharmacy to fill my 7 day script! How can every pharmacy in the Hollywood/Hallendale area not have Percocet 10/325? They are not out right refusing to fill but they are supposedly out, come on! That’s the way they get around refusing to fill the script to not be reported.. So, I’m here in Florida with a broken hip a 7 day script & no pharmacy that will fill my script & in severe pain this does not sound right to me! I am so disappointed in the process or the lack thereof I have never felt so angry to have people lie right to my face when I’m in this kind of pain (the worse pain I’ve ever felt in my life)! What can be done about this, if anything? Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you..

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  1. I unfortunately fully believe that the situation will get worse, before better. My last two monthly “e-scribes” as they are now, for the same medication prescribed over the last two decades, has been partially filled leaving me to have to go back for the entirety of the scrip…. days later. Do as I say, not as I do is getting worse from those in “authority”.

  2. The answer is available. CPPs and doctors just ignore it. We hold the Key on DoC ( Learn that drugs aren’t the cause of addiction and what is. Then we can end the Controlled Substance Act, stop sending doctors to prison, and pain management can return. Nothing else will work, I promise. As long as people believe the government racist propaganda the drugs cause addiction, there will be no pain treatment. So my message to people is to get on board what will work, or suck it up!

  3. Have you tried Publix?
    There used to be a pharmacy on hallandale Beach Boulevard I’m trying to think of the name… oh… Poste Haste Pharmacy.. It’s been years since I lived down there but they were a good pharmacy back in the day…

  4. Steve your “reply” didnt come in my post I received lol
    But seriously, apologize if you mentioned in past what to do,is there anything that can be done? These morons are playing with peoples lives as you no.. Is there a way to sue these pharmacies? I no it sounds stupid an I hate everything being a “lawsuit” If not that then how can this nonsense be stopped? Can it be? Thanks

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