Could the Amazon Pharmacy prevent pts who have a valid medical necessity for controlled substances from getting their meds ? – UPDATED

For numerous years the DEA has “forced/persuaded” the pharmacy wholesalers to RATION controlled substances that a community pharmacy can purchase.  That rationing is based on a PERCENT of all the Rx meds that a particular pharmacy purchases… I have seen rates of 15%-20% being thrown out as the limit of controls that a pharmacy can purchase.

Several of the statements/press releases that has been put out by Amazon over the past 1-2 weeks… have had some vague statements as to what they are intending to do.  One of their statements was to push the issue that they believe that they can sell pts medications for less than their insurance copay.

They also said that they would inventory “common prescribed medications”… since controlled substances are typically 15%-20% of all prescriptions – will they be considered “commonly prescribed medications ” Just think of all the potential headaches of dealing with the DEA that they would avoid if they don’t dispense controlled meds ?

Just like pain clinics wants to only do ESI’s on pts so that they are not dealing with controlled substances.

If people start having their non-controlled meds filled at the Amazon mail order pharmacy, that means that the local community pharmacist will be purchasing fewer non-controlled Rx meds and most likely the DEA will reduce their ability to purchase the amount of controlled substances as they have in the past.

Could this produce a larger “out of stock” issue by local pharmacies for controlled substances and/or if the local pharmacies are even able to retain enough overall Rx business to remain profitable enough to remain in business.

The vast majority of controlled substances are prescribed to pts who are dealing with subjective diseases (Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health & ADD/ADHD). The total number of pts that could be affected could be a HUGE NUMBER.

As fewer and fewer controlled meds being distributed by pharma wholesalers, will this just encourage the DEA to cut pharma production quotas on controlled meds even that much more ?

Could this end up causing a whole lot of collateral damage to those pts with a valid medical need for controlled substances that NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT ?


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    • my money is on before it is all over – they won’t be filling any anxiety, muscle relaxants and hypotics – so they are starting out telling those who need C-II meds .. mostly chronic pain and ADD/ADHD – that they are discriminating against them.

  1. Im scaring myself as my memory seems like its being “scanned” n older files deleted……..OYE Im sure this was memtioned but dont recall answer So many violations have been done to the CP Community, isnt there anyway an individual could sue for discrimination with all the games being played with medication that has been ok for the last 1000 yrs,but is now being used as a “power grab” by corporations an The

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