Is someone “taking credit” for something that they had nothing to do with ?

“To be clear, we have no involvement in or with any fundraising efforts by Dr. Feldman or others who may be associated with him or a possible lawsuit against Dr. Kolodny,” attorney Robert Redfearn, Jr. said in a statement to PNN. “Our focus and involvement is on and in the two national class action lawsuits that we filed in Rhode Island and California, through which we hope to bring some relief to pain patients. Further, we have not received or accepted any funds from Dr. Feldman or others who may be associated with him.”




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  1. Dr Feldman was instrumental in getting a prestigious law firm interested in doing a class action lawsuit against the large pharmacies. I helped him in that regard over a year ago, gathering the names and complaints of patients that had been refused their meds at the pharmacies. He joined up with Claudia in the Doctor-Patient Forum and my work was done. In my communication with him after that, however, when he was not mentioned by the law firm taking on the class action, he explained to me that they could not have a relationship with him in the process of the class action. the patients had to communicate with them directly, not through Dr. Feldman. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was his (and originally my) work that got it started. So I’m afraid you are wrong, here, Steve.

    Now as far as a law suit against Kolodny, I know nothing about that.

    • Thanks for reading my blog.. if you look at this particular post NOT ONE WORD is mine… I only created the title of the post and that ended with a “?”…. I also included a graphic “was seen on the web”… whenever I post my opinion I always include the graphic and the text is in green. in re-reading the post, I see neither the “IMO” graphic nor any text in GREEN. I am confused that how can I be wrong when I am just sharing what others have posted on the web ?

      • Steve, you are NOT wrong. It’s is their words and you are only sharing & questioning. I too think something sounds a bit off.

      • Sorry, Steve. I posted my comment before I saw it originated with Pat Anson, and thought you had written it. I have a problem with what Anson writes anyway, so I won’t go into that.

        • the ONLY reply from Ms Merandi we will.EVER get is silence. That is her MO when caught in a lie. Another, is its the “haters” fault. Why would ANYONE around to gove of themselves SELF lessly have haters? THEY would NOT. Those who seek fame and fortune at the cost of others have haters.

    • Linda,
      In 2018 I hired Scott Hirsch to file a class action lawsuit against 4 large chain pharmacies. Scott Hirsch , in February-May 2020 invited Robert Redfearn and others to join us. In august 6, 2020 we filed the lawsuit based off of the work Scott had done for the two years prior. If not, the other attorneys would’ve needed another 12-18 months to file. Case law study, to research takes a long time. Claudia has known these facts since the get go, and I’m not sure why she chooses to leave that part out. If she hadn’t stated “another cpp began working with one of the attorneys way before we contacted Redfearn” or something like that. Didn’t need my name shared. Just the facts shared. All the facts. And that hasn’t been done , still. Why ? I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened. It confuses me and makes me sad. I know the tireless work Scott Hirsch has done, for free, for 2 years for this community. And I don’t understand why he hasn’t been mentioned, especially since Claudia knew this since 12/2019. I have all the messages and signed retainer, etc.

      • OK. I don’t know anything about work prior to my helping Arnold when he told me he had some lawyers interested in a class action. I do agree that people who do the work should get the credit. So thank you for your work here. There are people out there who will take credit for someone else’s work to advance themselves. I’m not one of those.

  2. I so badly want to hear Claudia’s response to PNN’s story! But, I haven’t heard anything from her side. I donated money and want some answers to many questions!

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