This year reminds me of this Abbott & Costello infamous routine

There was a large bureaucratic fight about the Russians influencing the 2016 election – which was never proven… but for a new/unknown virus showing up early in this election year from China has seemingly turned ours and a lot other countries’ economy upside down.  The timing seems suspicious and it showed up in China just as big Chinese holiday where people travel to see celebrate with family.  After all China has 1.4 billion people… what is losing a few million to help spread this virus and disrupt the world’s economy.  Trump has apparently played pretty “hard ball” with China… something they  are not use to from a USA President previously.

Right now we have 30 million unemployed and Congress could not come to a compromise to extend/replace all the “freebies ” that expired about a week ago and left town to go home for their scheduled “August vacation”. It has been reported that there is still ONE TRILLION that was previously authorized that had never been distributed and they couldn’t even cut that loose to help people.  Of course, none of the 535 members of Congress nor any of the 2 million federal workers have lost one penny of pay since this pandemic reared its ugly head in March.

But President Trump signed four Executive orders yesterday to implement financial assistance to untold millions that Congress chose to close up shop and leave town for the month and let them scrounge for themselves.  What is Nancy & Chuckie going to do, sue the President for extending financial assistance that they allowed to  expired and TAKE THE MONEY BACK  ?   These members of Congress are suppose to represent the people in their respective districts.

Did anyone see the clip of Joe Biden yesterday – riding a bicycle ?….  wearing a face mask and NO HELMET ?

With Joe “hiding in the basement” it sort of reminds me of the Eddie Murphy  movie “Distinguished Gentleman “

I just wonder, if they are trying to keep Joe out of sight and hoping that he gets elected with a black/female as VP and within the first year of his administration… they invoke the 25 th Amendment  or he steps down because of health issues and all of a sudden our country has a 47th President a black/female and if the House remains <D> controlled… Nancy Pelosi steps up to be VP.

Who are the idiots that arranged for the first Presidential debate to be after many states have sent out absentee ballots and people will be able to cast their vote before the first debate ?

What if Trump gets re-elected… if the two Houses of Congress do not shift as to which party is in control… are they going to try to impeach him again ?

If they do, he just might “take the gloves off” … he can’t be reelected and he has – believe it or not – been pulling his punches this first term…  There seems to be a lot of “skeleton in the swamp’s closet” and he has not taken action against and AG Barr seems like a very smart, cunning man and he too has not shown all his cards.

His promise to “drain the swamp” may get more attention in his next term.




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  1. Yep. Nancy, like killary, really wants to be president..
    OMG help us if that happens!

  2. We can only hope!! I dont think it means anything which party owns the house, The republicans had it 2 yrs ago and did NOTHING Im praying if re elected he gets to drain the swamp in masses..There are so many in both parties that are corrupt! I believe its only reason they hate him. He cant be bought! He loves this country and will do whatever it takes to hopefully keep it the United States and not Communist America!!

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