Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: 8-7-20 CORONAVIRUS THE FACTS

Epidemics are a thing in their own and if you do not stop them in the first few weeks they will assume their roles as infectious agents until they run out of hosts. you can still protect your self but the overall attack rate needs to reach a certain point until the virus runs out of hosts. Lockdowns just move infectious people around and destroy our culture while the virus does it dirty deed. We need to focus on the pathology and decide if pushing fluids is wise and whether we need to treat the microthrombi with aspirin. These are medical issues that need focus, not more lockdowns and fretting about which method we erroneously believe will stop the epidemic. The charts indicate the US cases look to be declining and maybe by November the thing will burn out on its own, as is the historical case

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  1. I love Dr Kline!

  2. BTW, it’s not just small business going out. There are many large ones. GDP shrunk by 1/3 on an annualized basis. We’re in danger of losing our currency through hyperinflation like Germany in the 20’s, Brazil in the 80’s, etc.

    Can you say for sure that this virus isn’t just floating in the air? How do plant viruses spread as an example?

    Have you looked into iodine (Lugol’s solution) and if we’re getting enough?
    There were two main reasons iodine was supplemented in salt. The prevention of goiters and cretinism. Both of these conditions seems to be inflammatory as one is swelling of the thyroid and the other causes swelling of the brain.

    As a contrast look at Japan:
    1/3 the population of the US
    Living in an area smaller than California
    Higher per capita smoking
    ~1,000 C19 deaths despite being an older population compared to 160k in US.
    Less breast and lung cancer per capita unless the emigrate to US.
    On average ingest 13mg (13,000mcg) of iodine daily in their seaweed. This is over 80 times the RDA of the US (150mcg or 250mcg if pregnant).
    The FDA bans high iodine foods in the US so you can’t buy the same seaweed as Japan gets.

    I can not find how the original RDA for iodine was established. If you take time to find out, please let me know.

    This doesn’t take into account the act of adding fluoride to the water that is done in most of the US. Iodine has been proven to counteract the bad results caused by fluoride in rats.

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