Does the swamp gets deeper or the water just get muddier ?

I can assure everyone that  before this is all over… some of the things that are now being stated as FALSE will at some time will turn out to be TRUE and some of the things that are now being stated as TRUE will as some time will turn out to be FALSE.

Just look back to March when many were saying that President Trump was not right to close our borders from people from China, Europe and other countries and now a few months later many of those same people are saying that Trump has done too little … too late…

Dr Fauci seems to only want to work with a med that has proven effective in a double blind placebo study… who is going to volunteer to participate for such a study when they have tested positive for COVID-19 and might end up getting a PLACEBO (sugar pill)…  I wonder if such a clinical trial is even ethical.

It would appear that HCQ, Zithromax and Zn was fairly effective when given early after being infected or those with with mild/moderate symptoms.  At first, it was taking abt two weeks before a person demonstrated symptoms after being infected and then they got tested and had to wait another 5-7 days before they got treated – if they tested positive..  The virus had abt a 3 week head start and the combo of meds appeared to be less effective.

It has been reported that hospitals had a financial incentive to diagnose everyone coming thru the door with COVID-19 and an additional financial incentive to put pts on vents… which 80%-90% never came off the vent alive.

The COVID-19 was believed to be a new/novel virus and no one had protocols on how it was to be treated… everything that was done … was GUESS WORK…

No matter what you are told or you hear someone else state…  everyone needs to look for the political and/or financial agenda behind what they are saying.

We are told that since March that we are suppose to shelter in place, no go to church, beauty/barber shop, gym or other close gathering … unless you are protesting in the street or you are going to the funeral of a deceased member of the House of Representatives.

We live in Indiana but all our TV stations come out of Louisville, KY and they have been filling the streets every night for at least a couple of months.. protesting over Breonna Taylor’s death from Louisville police serving a no knock warrant and they went to the wrong house.  There seems to be no end in sight… and they even have a petition with 10 million signatures   to bad that the chronic pain community could not find such a motivation for unity.


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  1. Agree 100 % with you Steve As far as the HCQ there is a well known Dr from NY that stated his Dad who lives in Fl was on his death bed. He was given HCQ and a week later he was alive n well.. I have read several stories like that..One was a senator or Congresswoman from Michigan I believe who said same thing happen to her..That made the news because she was a Democrat and was saying how the President saved her life.She heard about HCQ from him and it saved her life..My point is Do we really no when this rx works? Or is it better to just get a script when you test positive? t sees the only rx that is known to work.Unless of course you listen to Faucci an the likes

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