Needle jockey: Doctor refused to up my dad’s pain meds even tho he told them he was suffering

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My dad was a chronically I’ll patient. He was 75 and underwent multiple back surgery’s and nerve decompression along w recently broken hip and spine. He fought like hell to live but his family doctor told him due to the FDA guidelines his pain meds had to be controlled by a pain doctor. After months of waiting to get into a pain doctor he was able to get his medicine but the following visit his doctor cut him down to a 1/4 of his dosage, he was not cut down slowly. My dad suffered, he went back to see doctor the following week and doctor was only interested in giving pain shots which don’t work for my dad due to scar tissue. Doctor refused to up my dad’s pain meds even tho he told them he was suffering.

5 days after that visit my dad committed suicide.

I blame the doctor as well as whoever decided to play God and not allow proper dosages of pain meds to chronically sick people.

** They need to hear from people WITH intractable pain and WHO are not getting the medicine they need.
We are are own best spokes person. Write your governor and legislators Personally as others have done.
Also, the articles you see in the magazines at doctors offices are full of misinformation and lies. Few people like you and me know what real protracted pain is and can do to a person or the family of the one suffering.


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  1. Almost….unbelievable but, tortured “to death” continues to those of us who can not possibly fight back effectively. Absolutely senseless yet, ingenious how it appears that CDC and DEA and other “experts” collaborated to force the American people/patients through our physicians to bend, even if it kills us to conform to the “experts” OPINION of an effective dosage for those in agonizing pain. I can NOT think of a better word than NAZIS when considering how a handful of “experts” initiated MEDICATION “tapering” and accomplished it when it comes to the ;last known MEDICATION that works for millions of patients (as even reported by CDC) with no hope of managing pain otherwise, than with a personalized,effective dosage of yes, opiate MEDICATION! With ZERO alternative direction advised, the “experts” have started the perfect storm with ZERO accountability to them. Multiple surgeries,Injections, infusions, “cbd” products, you name it, been there, done that! Looks like PMP’s are no longer welcome in this world…..period. Did I use the correct word for these “experts'” OPINION?

  2. Need a bigger hammer to nail home your message.

  3. Unfortunately, thanks to Kolodny and others like him, they don’t care
    What happens to us. The sooner we are no longer costing the gov money the happier they will be. The sad part is that society believes
    What they hear in the media and don’t bother to fact check anything
    They see in the news. Prime example. Covid19, if people started
    Wearing masks, staying home and social distancing we wouldn’t be
    Seeing numbers climbing way past original numbers.

  4. My mother died of leukemia…in screaming, incomprehensible agony b/c they refused to give her anything for pain other than liquid childrens’ tylenol…even after she was completely unable to swallow anything. This was over a period of maybe a month; there was NO question she was dying, NO chance she’d recover, NO chance she’d even get out of her bed. How the hell would her getting addicted have possibly been a problem, even if it’d happened? who the hell cared? she was literally on her deathbed, & *maybe* she & her family could’ve had a bit more time to say goodbye…maybe she screamed goodbye, but it was hard to tell. If I’d known how/where to get heroin or anything else that might’ve helped her, I would’ve gotten it. I loathe every damned* person responsible for this societally-approved, medically-sanctioned torture that she & I & millions of other dying & “merely” chronic pain suffering people must deal with. I sincerely hope Kolodny & all the rest suffer unimaginable agony, & frankly hope I’m there to spit in their faces while they’re doing it.

    Believe it or not, I used to be a decent person. No frigging more.

    * I sincerely hope they’re literally damned

  5. They literally murdered my Father in his hospital bed because he disagreed with cut-off. I am dying slowly for what will be because of no pain control. I just don’t know what to do with this level of stupidity and ferocity.

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