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  1. I wish I could say I was shocked, but given the current attitude of this whole society toward CPPs, is it really that surprising? They pretend to want to “help” addicts, but it’s basically just that they want to make boatloads of money off them before they die.

    That said, I do with this scumbag would get booted from pharmacy school & charged with something. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • Failure to Render Aid. Negligence. Did his failure to render aid cause the fatality? What is the opposite of a Good Samaritin?

      • Yes. “Let her die” is strong language. “Waiting 15 minutes” is a little worse. One has to wonder if the poster was an eye-witness to the ‘admission’ also.
        So, given all is true, it boils down to what are his obligations as a citizen separate from his obligations as a pharmacist and if there were different obligations as a pharmacist.

  2. J.C.!!!!! Not only should he NOT be allowed to be a pharmacist but, if this narrative is true, he should be held accountable for “letting” her die! WHERE is his moral conviction as a human being?

  3. Zach Delisi should never be given to license to to become a pharmacist.
    He is a pathetic excuse for a human being. If this if what is coming out of Pharmacy school’s today no wonder CPP have so much trouble
    Getting people to understand the amount of suffering they are
    Experiencing. He should be haunted for the rest of his life for what he
    Allowed to continue and for his total lack of emotions for someone
    Else’s suffering.

  4. What a sweeeeeety!!!!!

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