Abt 3 million work for the federal government – fewer and fewer are interested in enforcing Federal Law.

Most everyone knows that when it comes to enforcing the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the Civil Rights Act.. you can cross https://www.ada.gov/filing_complaint.htm off the list well as those who have reached out to the ACLU https://www.aclu.org/  no matter what there excuse – inadequate funding or staffing the bottom line is a NO.

There is another federal entity that can find just another excuse to say  NO   https://www.hhs.gov/civil-rights/filing-a-complaint/complaint-process/index.html   I filed a complaint about how Barb was treated – or mis-treated – by a hoispitalists and when I called to check on it.. I was told that the case was CLOSED… no communication from them about it being closed.. I had to literately had to PRY the excuse out of the person I had on the phone.  They basically said that it was the provider’s professional discretion in how they treat pts…  I guess that the hospitalist was “not comfortable”

You know that everyone wants to write or email their member of Congress so I did one better a called mine’s office  https://hollingsworth.house.gov/  Talk to one the staff who talked to another office staff member more familiar with HHS/OIG.. The final conclusion is that our issue with the hospitalist is a CIVIL MATTER – hire an attorney/lawfirm.

Then there is the complaint that I filed with the QIO Quality Improvement Organizations https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/QualityImprovementOrgs  they are there to make sure the Medicare pts get proper care.  Got back a review from their physician/reviewer that was rather “damning” of the hospitalist’s care – or lack of care – that was provided Barb during her < 24 hr stay in the hospital.

But I did not read EVERY WORD of their response said that they MAY referred the complaint to the Quality Innovation Network.. https://www.lsqin.org/medicare-quality-innovation-network/   The only obligation that the hospital that this hospitalist worked for after the report from the QIO was to “retrain” the hospitalist in his short comings and the QIO had no obligation to forward the complaint on to the QIN.

So I called the QIN to see if the complaint had been forwarded to the QIN…  I found a nurse who worked there that was very understanding of how badly Barb had been treated..  She made an internal inquiry about if the complaint had to received by the QIN and as of yet … that would be a NO…

So I forwarded to her – via email – the initial complaint and the QIO’s response… She got the “excuse” that the QIN staff was “swamped” because of COVID-19 so it would take a couple of weeks, so the nurse has put a note on her calendar for April 3rd to do a follow up.

So for those of you have written your member of Congress about not getting your pain meds and you get back a letter – MAYBE – talking about the opiate crisis… that is probably because some intern in the office cut/paste some sentences/paragraphs that has the word opiate in it… Otherwise, they have no answers and they are not about to hold anyone within the Federal government accountable for not doing their job.

I have said before… and will again … one more time… anyone in the pain community wants a solution… that will come about using law firms, PR firms, and Lobbyists…  Otherwise, that leaky boat that the chronic pain community is in… the community cannot bail quick enough – keep on doing what they have been doing – it is going to sink… everyone has a life preserver – RIGHT ?

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  1. Our “MEDICATIONS” ARE Not STANDARDIZED !!! FACT. But Only For The “Commons”. Who Is Aware That Our Politicians & Families Are Exempt From the Same Historical And Lethal Act. Who Is Accountable If You Or Your Loved One Dies Or Becomes Permanently Disabled From A Nonstandardized Medication For Chronic Illnesses ?? As “Those” On The Federal Level Made This Backdoor Decision During The Former Administration, I Faxed Most All “Representitives” In NYS, Not ONE Could Give Me A Reasonable Response. The CDC, DEA, HHS…(none medical specialists) Would Answer Why The Poorer Population On Medicare/Caid Were Forced Reduced And Quality Misled With Essential Medications Like: Sleep-Ambien, Benzos-Anxiety, Appropriate Pain Medications… We Are Labrats. These Misrepresented “Experimental” And Nonconsensual Substances Are Not Authentic And No One Online Seems To Be Aware Of This. We Have Every Right to Know What Is In These Frankenmeds. There Isn’t Anyone I Have Found To Discuss This ; I Know Patients Know-But No One Talks About Something As Serious And Illegal As This. The Corona Virus Is 5G Deployed Upon The Globe ; It’s A War Weapon, (look it up).

  2. Wrong, Steve, I don’t have a life preserver.

    But I think it’s time to acknowledge the elephant in the room, meaning we have to source for ourselves. The world is now different with the virus influence and will be for the remainder of our lives.

    We are going to lose our lives to a policy decision. What an embarrassing way for a human being to die.

    President Trump said ” Get them for yourselves”, concerning of medical supplies. He was speaking of masks, but I believe he would understand our situation and think it resourceful of us if we obtained our needed medicines on our own. I hope so, but I am not in a position to be otherwise constrained by his or any man’s whim.

    If I were to lose my wife, or witness her suffering due to another’s selfish crusade, I would rightfully be ordained to rectify such with justice. A justice system may no longer be in stock. I’m hoping to avoid hearing “wake up! time to die”.

    It’s truly distressing that I do not see another solution. We have to source our own medication, as safely as possible
    Safe in substance and safe from persecution.

    A group could be formed. Members with pharmacy skills, members with life skills, members with a special set of skills. Need to start somewhere. Join up, what’s to lose? We’ve lost our lives otherwise.

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