Typical day at a CVS pharmacy drive-thru ?

NBC 10 I-Team: Knife-wielding woman terrifies Providence family


The NBC 10 I-Team obtained video of an apparent road rage incident that terrified a Providence family and led to the arrest of a young woman.

“She had the devil in her eyes,” said Karl Camilo.

Camilo described a shocking scene at the CVS Pharmacy drive-thru on Broad Street Monday. A woman driving a green SUV tried to nudge her way in front of Camilo’s white SUV, he said, and struck his car — with him, his wife, their teenaged daughter, and family dog inside.

Through her lawyer, the woman has disputed the family’s account.

But what happened next was documented on video shot from inside Camilo’s car by his daughter.

“She comes out with the knife, with a very aggressive face. She goes slowly on the back door, like this, with two hands very carefully to make sure the whole car got damaged, vandalized,” said Camilo.

The woman, identified in police reports as 25-year-old Stephanie Dominguez, had two small children in the back seat of her car.

“She looked like she was enjoying what she was doing, while she was vandalizing my car, she was enjoying it,” said Camilo.

The video showed Dominguez, knife in hand, returning for a second round of damage and threats.

“At that point she was trying to attack us personally. I thought she was trying to attack or kill us,” said Camilo.

Police eventually arrived on scene and began to process the incident as an ordinary accident, said Camilo, until they were shown the video. Police arrested Dominguez and charged her with vandalism, disorderly conduct, and having a weapon.

During her court proceeding on Tuesday, however, the weapons charge was dropped. Dominguez pleaded not guilty to the two remaining charges.

The Camila family wanted to know why the weapons charge was dropped, as Dominguez clearly had a knife.

The I-Team asked the city solicitor for further clarification. A spokesperson for Mayor Jorge Elorza’s office said the criteria for that weapons charge was not met, but additional charges could still be added.

Dominguez’s attorneys, Domenic Carcieri and Joseph Voccola, told the I-Team that as their client was trying to enter the drive-thru, Camilo struck her vehicle, then refused to back up his SUV and exchange insurance information.

Her attorneys said Dominguez was concerned about her children pinned in the car and reacted. Carcieri said a civil claim against Camilo for the accident could be an option.

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  1. She had a knife in her car.
    She not only destroyed the car intentionally with the weapon.
    She also tried to get in the vehicle in a fit of rage ,WITH A KNIFE…..ON VIDEO???

    A white guy cant give a a hole the finger in RI without a court date for road rage.

    This state is THE WORST, when it comes to kissing the minority a$$.

    Raimondo needs to go , Elorza needs to go, they’re playing faves.

  2. Should have insisted, through their local political reps or private attorney that assault & terroristic threats be added to charges; contact every media option to publicly pressure DA’s office. I would still contact, and let DA know it before, social services about the incident, that someone unhinged like her is a threat to the children.

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