Some stories are so strange you wonder if they are PURE FICTION

this post was originally about a gentleman that started “promoting” that he had RSD and couldn’t get any treatment…this started about one week before Xmas and that he was going to “end it all” by starting on Xmas a voluntary “nothing by mouth suicide”.

Around Xmas he and/or some of his supporters started a go fund me account. Someone has stated that he now has a total of 26 of them and there was no more talk about “ending it all”.

Some have stated that he has numerous aliases (AKA’s)  and has numerous items on his record of interactions with our judicial system.

Image result for graphic crooked street san francisco

 Here it is a week after Xmas and his story has taken so many twists/turns that this street in San Francisco “world most crooked street” look like a interstate hwy.

Someone started that he didn’t have RSD but was Bi-polar and was dealing with “mental pain”

I am beginning to question the validity of him being a valid chronic pain pt..

The path that this story has taken would suggest two other possibilities and he may well be Bi-polar and/or some other mental health issues and going thru a manic phase

Or the whole story has been quite contrived and calculated by a person who is a dedicated con/scam artist and decided to extract money from a very empathetic and vulnerable community at Xmas time.

I am removing any/all posts/comments from my blog, Face Book and Twitter that I have authority over and suggest to other in the chronic pain community do the same.  I have given this gentleman more visibility and exposure to the chronic pain community than he should have been granted.


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  1. Steve, I don’t mean to sound ridiculous when I say, “we got your back”. Most of us realize what you were trying to SHARE, and continue to follow your writings.
    Unfortunately, our community goes a little “high drama”, on occasion. Don’t pack your bags and go on a “guilt trip”. We’d miss you too much!!

  2. Some stories are so very tragic, that the weak of mind can’t fathom them to be true. Steve, as a CPP Advocate, you should be ashamed of publishing a twisted story of lies about a GOOD man who is obviously in so much agonizing pain that death seems the better choice. Your source was quite obviously never checked on, to which surprised us all.
    Kelley Huff Thornton and others with PAW have spent long hours keeping Richard Mark VanWormer with us. Peter Sterling, myself and many others who truly care about and LOVE our Fellow Pain Warrior stand behind him and his story. WE decided that he needed the money to use any way he felt necessary to stay ALIVE because we LOVE our Brother in pain . Any doubters or donors in the CPP Community could have gone straight to Richard, instead they chose to join in a hate campaign . We all have a past, and Richard has had his entire true story out in public for all to see LONG before Christmas. Steve, instead of taking this very opportunity to give a public apology due to a GOOD man suffering in HELL due to untreated/undertreated Legacy RSD/CRPS , you’ve continued to confirm just what a lowlife you truly are. Shame on you , shame on poor Lucca whomever she is and shame on the haters and trolls. Your original blog sure drew out the money angered, jealous haters and divided a Community already Suffering. It sent everyone who was trying to do good out here scrambling to explain something they couldn’t, HATE. But mostly, your blogs have caused a man who has suffered half of his life with an Incurable Disease ,still not understood, grief and stress he did NOT need or deserve. I too am a 25 year CRPS Survivor and when I was approached about starting Richard’s fundraiser, in an attempt to save his life, I felt blessed to be called upon for the job. CPPs and Advocates, many CPPs themselves, including Kelley Huff Thornton (CRPS Survivor), need to come together as ONE if we are to make it out of this ALIVE. An Advocate for one Pain Warrior is and Advocate for ALL Pain Warriors ! If one good thing came out of this, it was the fact that we found out A LOT about the people on our friends’ lists.

  3. I am the one that sent the story into Steve. Sadly I’ve been being bombed with hateful messages. I no longer wish to be part of the CPP community I was loved. I will be unfriending every Chronicpainer on my page. Good luck to you all. Here’s hoping for a better new year.

  4. As if we don’t have enough problems…argh. If the person really is a scammer, I frankly hope they end up with the condition they claimed to have.

  5. Steve I appreciate everything you have done for us. I discovered you over two years ago and I try to share every article you’ve written. Thank you, Dee

  6. Please Folks let’s not shoot the Messenger. The author of this openly speaks about it on her timeline.
    Do not blame Steve Ariens. He is a wonderful curator of important information for chronic intractable pain patients.

  7. Those attacking Steve Aires should feel ashamed. Had you bothered to read the whole thing you would see he was SHARING this info given to him and then commented on it. There, unfortunately have been a couple of scammers in our community over the years. We are a group of very empathetic but not wealthy beings. I for one am grateful the information was shared so I can make an informed decision. Now Steve is being HARASSED, so much he deleted the tweet and may not be as vocal in 2020. I for one am grateful for ALL the amazing and hard work Steve has done for years. Those attacking Steve need to back off. If you support Richard that’s between you and Richard. You do NOT shoot the messenger. Steve you have MANY who are behind you, please do not let the few run you off, PLEASE. You are a valuable advocate. I let a group run me off of FB but I ended up finding a larger audience on twitter when I decided they do not have the right to bully me away. Lots of love and hugs Steve, May 2020 bring back common sense and the suffering is put to a stop ♥️♥️

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