They are going to cut the opiate supply at the legal level one way or another

Anyone else see this? Cardinal health no longer shipping opiods into the state of RI in protest over to new state opiod tax.

Here is the list meds they will no longer be shipping:

All pharmacies have contracts with the PBM’s and within those contracts the pharmacies are pretty much “hog tied”… these contracts are presented to pharmacies with a “take it or leave it”… which the true meaning is that if you don’t sign/take this contract … We (PBM) will make sure that your pts will have their prescriptions filled at one of your competitors..  In the legal world that sort of contract is labeled as “lacking mutuality”.

But there are certain laws that protect the insurance industry… allowing them to do things that is illegal for the rest of the business world.

Those PBM/pharmacy contracts prohibit the pharmacy for charging the pt any more than what the PBM states is suppose to be collected for a filled Rx, and it is highly unlikely that the PBM’s will reimburse the pharmacy for the increased cost from the wholesaler when they pass along the state imposed taxes.

And it is considered a RED FLAG by the DEA for a pt to pay cash for a controlled Rx when they have insurance.

So chronic pain pts in RI could experience a lot of “we are out of stock”…   There is only three major pharmacy wholesalers that control 80%+ of the entire USA market… and I expect those that have distribution centers outside of RI.. will just stop shipping to RI..   It recently happened in the state of NY…

New York state started levying an excise tax on opioids, pharmacies bear the burden some pharmacists have stopped filling the prescriptions

when NY passed a similar Rx opiate tax.

And if pts try to get their Rxs filled out of state of RI…. it is also a DEA RED FLAG when a pt travels a “long distance” from their home to get controlled meds filled.

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  1. I think we should smash their toes with a hammer once a minute while repeating pain is a myth deal with the pain you’re just an addict if you can’t take it. Just suck it up. Try taking deep breaths and relaxing the pain away.
    And all the other bullchit they try to tell people they can not even begin to emphasize with because they have never suffered a hard days pain in their lives.
    They know exactly what they are doing to millions of people in pain. They don’t care, as long as they can suck every dollar they can out of this. This is political terrorism for profit. Always has been.

  2. And more of us will end up taking a chance an going to the streets for our human right pain medicine!! I hope it doesnt happen and logic would prevail but this B.S. is going to push someone over the edge an cause harm to one of these idiot zealots.

    • I HOPE SOOO,,,,FOR THEY DESERVE EVERY ,”KARMA IS A BITCH ,” COMMINGTO THEM…I’ve always said,,god forbid I ever get terminal cancer,,,but if I do,, I know where I’m heading before I get to heavan,,God I miss thee old days,,where people like ,”them” were literally ,”taken care of,”’,maryw

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