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  1. People need to send her a message. She is right about MJ but wrong about opioids. Feel free to use my comments. Her FB page and twitter are listed.

    Thank you for your support of natural medicine like cannabis. We need commentators like you to expose the 50 year-old unscientific attacks on it. However, jumping from one propaganda belief to another (opiaphobia) will not do veterans as much good as you want to think. Your statements against opioids in your segment is no more true than the reefer madness hype of the 60’s. It is just the latest political victim since marijuana lost its position as the government cash cow.
    Opium is also a natural medicine, used for the last 30,000 years. It does not cause addiction. For the REAL cause of addiction, watch the video by Linda Cheek, MD, on her website Dr. Cheek is also available for an interview, should you be interested.

    Veterans are dying not because they are addicted, but because their relief from pain has been severely cut, which you mention in your commentary as a positive. Marijuana could help some people, but it won’t help everyone. That is why conventional medicine is not the best, because it tries to treat everyone with the same thing, when people are different and require different solutions to their diseases. The beauty of natural medicine is that the differences between people can be identified, and the very specific treatment that will work the best can be found. Conventional western medicine just doesn’t want to accept this truth.
    So thank you for supporting veterans and their health. But please investigate the REAL problem and don’t just jump on the next train leaving the station. Veteran’s lives depend on it.
    Supporting veterans in your commentary is great. But don’t jump from one train to another. Attacking opioids is no different than attacking MJ–Still just propaganda. Learn the REAL cause of addiction on the video on & talk with Dr. Cheek.

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