Why no attorney will “take my case” ?


On a regular basis I read or get emails from chronic pain pts about how many law firms they have contacted an no attorneys seem willing to consider their case.

Primarily law firms look for “deep pockets” and many states have caps on the damages granted on malpractice and those caps are normally not high enough that when a law firm takes their percentage of the reward… it is not enough to cover the expenses of going to trial.

Likewise, there are “paid doctor experts” that will testify that what the defendant doctor did… was appropriate and a standard of care was done and the adverse outcome was unpredictable.. there is no real guarantee in medical procedures and outcomes.

If anyone pays attention to the TV commercial from personal injury attorneys…they all follow similar paths to the MONEY… One very large Law Firm actually states in their advertisement that they seldom actually go to trial… most of their cases are settled out of court or via mediation.

There are a lot of “deep pockets” out there that are making decisions that adversely effects the quality of life of chronic pain pts.  Those are large corporations… HMO’s, insurance companies, PBM’s, large healthcare/hospital corporations, major chain pharmacies. 

Those large corporations that has hundreds or thousands of employees that are being dictated to by corporate policies and procedures that limit or mandate certain limits of what treatments  they can provide to certain category of pts.

Those corporate entities may not take into consideration the pts CYP-450 opiate enzyme metabolism status when determining the level of mgs  of opiates that a pt should receive.

and there are those corporations that are using those MME conversion programs… those programs that have foot notes that their results are AT BEST CRUDE ESTIMATES and the question has to be asked if any entities uses these conversion programs results as absolute black/white answers… are they adhering to the standard of care and best practices  ?

Or they discriminating against a particular category of pts ?  If they are only making treating policies and procedures for pts who have a medical necessity for controlled substances then that could be discriminating against a covered class under the Americans with Disability Act and Civil Rights Act.

Until someone finds a law firm that is interested in learning how the chronic pain pts are not talking about your “garden variety” malpractice case… unlikely nothing will change for the chronic pain community

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  1. Like Lawyers Are Exempt From Chronic Pain Care Like All the Politicians wrote Themselves and Families Out From The “Act” .NYS Congressman wrote me back (not answering the majority of my “mediction” Fakes, but did Address The Fake “Opioid” manufactured Myth, specifically and Wrongfully Calling it A Prescription Opioid Crises. Chronic Disease Patients don’t Get High off their medications. The Majority of legitimate pain patients are being Forced Reduced and what’s not Disclosed is that the Active ingredient is allowed to be cut up to 45 percent. Then the sick pain patient is Accused of “Misusing” their Medications. We Are Lied To, Force Reduced no matter how painfully horrific the situation. Ambulance driver’s in NYS are no longer allowed to carry Opiate Medications, instead they’re given Laughing Gas instead ! How ultimately Dangerous, Humiliating, and Bizzare. The Political System as we know it Must END. The Waste Of All Dollars, including Taxpayer dollars Are All Used to Harm and Torture us, the disrespected, Lied-To, and planned for untimely demise. Gut All Social Programs while building the world’s largest Military prescence in most parts of the world. Not for their benefit, but to Rape Every Resourse they have, even Murdering their own Democratically elected officials, and Replace them with the special interests of a demonic Elite. How Much Do You Really Know About The People That Appear Out Of Nowhere To ” LEAD” Us ? I will Never Bow Down to Anyone, No-Less A Groomed Puppet doing The Dirty Work for the behind the scenes Dangerously Mentally I’ll Too Rich That Should be Allowed. Wasn’t There Laws About Monopolies ? I’m Doomed To “Disappear” according to the Planned 911 Event from the Bushes “Patriot” ACT, made Worse After Mr. Government “Transparency” The New American Freedom Act. To where no one has a public Fair Trial, and your Family will never need to be informed of your “Disappearance”. This Is Not America. This is worse than Fascism. This is the NWO

  2. But what’ been happening to me goes above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. EX: (1). Bought a little kitten from the local SPCA. Noticed from day one that she had diarrhea and was bloated. Called SPCA- who said to bring her to the Vet . Three times later, and 1000.00 in vet bills aside from 145.00 paid for her. Last test vet did Turned out to be called Tritrichomonas Foetus. Like Chrones, Inflammatory bowel
    . The Only Treatment that may help is called Ronidazole and can cause Cancer, Brain Damage, Seizures. The medication came 3 days later and she would need to be closely monitored minimum a week. The Vet said if I’m immune compromised (I Am), I need to see an Infectious Disease Dr. My kitten was only on one dose before they made the excuse I had to take her that day. I refused. I’m not a Vet, was still cleaning up. Every kitten in close proximity and their new owners needed to be notified as this Disease Turns out to be the # 1 Infectious Disease of Felines in the world. Any pet at home could’ve caught it, even Dogs. Anyway, when we called the day after we we’re informed that the Vet gave her back to the SPCA !! The only lawyer who would consider my case Probono said if I caught anything from her. The CDC is so corrupt I will bet they did nothing. Was never refunded Anything. The Veterinarian are under the same rules as the other Drs. All that needed to be done was to teach a Tech to get a ” fresh” fecal sample and look under a microscope. Also, (for Animal lovers) they are Not Treating Animal Pain appropriately. When I finally had a chance to Analyze her medical file which was shoved to me on my way out the door I was horrified. She was Spay, Tattood, Microchipped with a fever at 1.04#s. The lies. She had an eye infection. The Animal hospital vet must not have noticed when she checked everything off as normal that in the upper RT corner was written ” This Kitten Came From Same House As Other Kittens With Fever and Diarrhea” . I have All Of the evidence. But still couldn’t find a Lawyer. Catteries and Shelters. Originally from Cows, Bulls, and Pigs and Birds. Sounds Like Germ Warfare To me. Like Aids, Lyme….

  3. Yes. Discouraging. But we are heading toward a cultural tipping point.
    Soon the pressure to jump on the bandwagon will be too great.

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