This could be a better week…

As of tomorrow (11/06/2019) I will not have to listen to the political ads of  the two candidates running for KY governor.  The current governor is a Republican and the Democrat running is the current state’s AG…  over the last 4 years I have seen the AG sue the Governor over some nonsense…  the content of these political ads… one could easily come to the conclusion that NEITHER ONE OF THEM…. is qualified to be governor of the state… but.. the two candidates belong to one of the two ingrained political parties in this country.  BUT.. one of the BUMS will get elected…

AND Dec 7th is the last day of Medicare open enrollment and I won’t have to listen to Joe Namath tells everyone HOW GREAT Medicare Advantage program is and if you call a certain number… they ( some insurance agent) will inform them how many new services and products that have been added to the Medicare Advantage program and often don’t have to pay any monthly premium.

Medicare Advantage is PRIVATE INSURANCE and when Congress allowed some new services/products to be made available to beneficiaries.. what they are not telling people is that when you give more and charge no more…something has to give..  I have heard some pts make comments that deductibles and copays in these programs in 2020 will INCREASE. People signing on to these programs may be limited to certain providers – not necessarily the providers that they have been using and/or ones that they are happy with and/or comfortable with their competency or demeanor.

Pts may see be forced to see mid-level practitioners ( ARNP, PA, NP) because they typically get paid at 85% of what a doctor get paid for from Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance. So pts may end up with a office practice with a single supervising physician and a large number of mid-level practitioners being the only and/or primary healthcare practitioner that they see.

But the Nov 2020 election is not that far off and there are a number of states that will have democratic primary voting starting in a few months.  Can hard wait 🙁


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  1. Who else is organized to even try to do something about the production line robbery that is health care in the United States today except maybe 20k severe pain sufferers and their advocates on the internet? The money demanded by all of these “providers” needs to be choked off long enough for them to wake up and notice they need us too. Like a ‘strike’, hahaha.
    Re-establish the Cash system as suggested by Dr. Lamartiniere??

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