CVS: such a good working environment.. pharmacist has to use floor to give vaccinations ?

I’ve been trying to get this issue resolved since last week, but I guess since CVS doesn’t want to respond I’m guna post this.

You should get your flu vaccine. But maybe be careful getting it at CVS since they think putting clean gloves and syringes full of vaccines on the floor is acceptable. There were four people getting vaccines but when he put the stuff on the floor one person said never mind and walked away. I’ll make it public if CVS doesn’t respond by tonight. That’s just nasty, at least get a table.

Edit: I got an email from CVS apologizing for not reaching back out. They said the store manager reviewed video from surveillance and confirmed that what I said did in fact happen (since some people are saying he was just cleaning up a mess he dropped, which is not what happened).

However. Situation still not solved. They said, “He has spoken with the Pharmacy Manager about follow up and appropriate practices.” I still want to know what are appropriate practices and what was done to make sure this won’t happen again. I’ll update again when we get in touch again, I doubt they will reply before Monday so…

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  1. I got my flu shot yesterday and the Pharmacists did it. She was so frazzle and I was frazzled because she was frazzled I should have checked what I was getting. She was a poor thing and very shaky about something. I had to wait a while for it and noticed she was running from one things to the next.

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