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  1. Does anyone know,,is this just in Nevada??Thanks Steve,,,,,,maybe 1 state at a time,,,,its a start,,,maryw

  2. Thanks a million Steve. I really appreciate all you do for our community. Thank you

  3. So “very well said.” We do need help. I have been getting my pain meds off the black market and looking into making my own pain pills with heroin. I have never used heroin in my life but know it is a ruff form of morphine. I can Not suffer.Period. How I pray that all of us that suffer could get the legal help we need. Our Human Rights ARE Being Violated! Do not tell me about China violating Human Rights! Our Human Rights are being violated right here in the “Ungodly States of America!”

  4. Well, it’s a start.

    We definitely need a lawyer. What we need is a discrimination / Human Rights lawyer with the courage to help all of us who have been and continue to be discarded by our health care system: misdiagnosed (incorrectly as SUD and not CPC), shamed and shunned, actively discriminated against, force tapered, refused treatment, and medically abandoned. Who recognizes that what is being done to persons with Chronic Pain Conditions (CPC) is in and of itself, medical malpractice and shameful systemic abuse, and will fight for us in a class action suit.

    Our Human Rights with regards to medical care have not just been infringed upon, have not just been violated, our Human Rights regarding access to safe, effective, compassionate medical car have been obliterated.

    What is being done by our government and our health care system to all persons suffering with High-Impact Intractable Pain is driving persons with CPC to one of three outcomes – Suffering, Street Drugs, and/or Suicide:
    1) Suffering: consigned to a paltry, anguished existence, we are forced to subsist in severe unbearable suffering and isolation, where we experience iatrogenic PTSD, depression, and anxiety, at risk of early dementia, and consigned to an avoidable and premature death by cardiovascular disease due to untreated pain causing hypertension;
    2) Street Drugs: refusing to be forced to live unbearable suffering, we are forced to turn to the black market, in the hopes we can find way to manage the intolerable levels of pain that our health care system could easily assist with but refuses. While the risks of illicit substances bought from illegal sources is extreme, it is still preferable to the inhumane suffering imposed upon us by an uncaring system;
    3) Suicide: Those of us who have already spent far too many years living with outcome number one, unable to bear the thought ot outcome number two, understanding that there is no hope from any direction, we choose what is, under these torturous circumstances a completely rational decision – suicide.

    While those who have died and their families must absolutely be heard and compensated, those of us who are still fighting to live and cannot must also be represented in a court of law. It is the least we deserve.

    We, the living, with CPC, need a lawyer with courage. to protect our Human Rights from our government. We are dying. Some of us slowly, some of us quickly, some of us unintentionally, and some of us with full intent, but make no mistake, we are dying. And our government is not just allowing this with knowledge, but is establishing the environment which guarantees no other possible outcome.

    In fact, what we are being forced to endure actually fits the ICC definition of “Crimes Against Humanity”.

    Please, someone, hear our suffering and allow us the chance to live.

    #opioidmyths #SuicideDueToPain #PainKills

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