Dr. Drew does here is claim that Opioids are a terrible treatment for chronic pain – UPDATED 10/14/2019

start listening at about 37 minutes


Loveline co-host talks about Dr Drew’s on-air drug-taking – Daily Mail

Last night Dr. Drew admitted ‘I did drugs and alcohol when I was 22, 23 years old…I went round denying it because my kids were younger.’ But he neglected to say that he came forward after Daily Mail Online asked for comment after its exclusive investigation into Pinsky’s drug use. The HLN star has misled tens of millions of people about his drug past. According to friends, the former Celebrity Rehab and Sober House hostsnorted thick lines of cocaine on a weekly basis on hit KROQ radio show Loveline in the 1980’s (at right with former co-host DJ Jim ‘Poorman’ Trenton), snorted the drug from album covers and mirrors in the studio and once shared lines of coke with a teenage girl and her friends. Pinsky has been quick to judge drug users over their behavior. In an HLN discussion of addict Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, he said: ‘His denial and obfuscation is classic alcoholic behavior.’ Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic… Original Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news… Daily Mail Facebook: http://facebook.com/dailymail Daily Mail IG: http://instagram.com/dailymail Daily Mail Snap: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/Dai… Daily Mail Twitter: http://twitter.com/MailOnline Daily Mail Pinterest: http://pinterest.co.uk/dailymail Daily Mail Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DailyMail/posts Get the free Daily Mail mobile app: http://dailymail.co.uk/mobile

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  1. Drew you’ve got it all wrong about CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT SUFFERING in UNBEARABLE PAIN. I’ve tried everything to get out of PAIN AND NOTHING HELPED but PAIN MEDICATIONS that I’m DENIED the PROPER dose. So I’m on the EDGE of SUICIDE BECAUSE I can’t HANDLE the PAIN…You need to look into the TRUTH about CHRONIC PAIN BECAUSE your dead wrong…

  2. He must be getting paid as much as Andrew Kolodny and the J&J Prosecution Team, and he is working JUST as hard too!

    • These guys will say anything with a payday attached, no matter who they hurt and call themselves Drs. Unfortunately there are Drs out there who fit the same mold, as far as I’m concerned these two fit right in there with the pill mill docs just using different drugs! They should be shut down like drug pushers dealing in the same things that are being diverted just as much as the meds they’re supposedly against! They’re so obvious if people would just open their eyes!

  3. So Dr Drew can tell people what medications they can take for their physical ailments, but he doesnt seem comfortable to tell Teen Moms not to text and drive?

  4. His ” financial supporters ” need to be contacted Ted and immediately withdraw from supporting him

  5. He’s an idiot PERIOD. He’s NO Real Dr.
    I saw some of his show long ago on cable and his patients committed suicide and he LOST his show. He’s maybe a psychologist? But nothing more. Reminds me of Andrew Kolondny!
    An Idiot that knows Zero Facts!

    • I agree! I saw him commenting recently on a show about Jeff Conaway (Kenicke in Grease) and his comments were horrible. I believe Dr. Drew is responsible for implanting the idea into Jeff’s head that he was an addict. Dr. Drew downplayed Jeff’s injuries and back pain, failed back surgeries and focused on calling him a “major opiate addict”. Dr. Drew has the blood on his hands of several “contestants” on his failed show. He has no understanding or compassion for those of us with chronic pain. Cancer pain does warrant opiate therapy, but it’s not the ONLY reason people need pain relief.

  6. Drew needs a reality check on how pain and opioids work. No legitimate doctor would say opioids worsen pain that’s not caused by cancer but they help pain caused by cancer.
    There are hundreds of painful conditions and each is deserving of relief.
    There isn’t a shred of truth to support his false claims or he would take calls from pain patients.

  7. He obviously doesn’t understand that nerves being destroyed by cancer are perceived as pain. He could not describe cancer pain as other than ‘bad, and opioids are absolutely indicated.

    Many chronic pain patients likewise have nerve damage from diseases other than cancer, but opioids make their pain worse?

    He really blew the caller off rather than show his ignorance.

    Let’s start an awareness campaign for our cause by boycotting his sponsors untill he will prove his point with evidence based knowledge.

    Seems like many elements for publicity and truth based public education can be leveraged from the false narratives of Dr. Drew.
    Let’s turn it around on him – use his own media popularity and platform.

    • That’s a good idea to boycott his sponsors. Dr. Drew is clown, and I am surprised that anyone takes the guy seriously about anything. He’s got zero credibility, and doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

    • His sponsors seem to be CBD and some type of erectile dysfunction treatment..oh, cant for her Suboxone.

  8. I have had cancer AND I now have chronic pain. The pain from my C2 to S1 Degenerative disc disease with bilateral sciatica, bone spurs, disc fractures etc. Is WAAAAY worse than any pain I experienced with cancer . The bone pain I have is identical to the bone pain of a friend who’s cancer metastasized to her bones, before she passed away – yet my PET scans are clear. You have no clue what either type of pain is like. Be grateful for that and be quiet about things with which you have no firsthand knowledge.

    • Agree. His condescension and dragging out the clearrrrly were bad enough, but stating that opioids ALWAYS make chronic pain worse is just wrong. He’s an addiction specialist, so l guess he’s qualified to do a facelift? Or a hip replacement? Dummyhead

  9. Wow he won’t take any chronic pain calls, and our medications don’t work hmmm I disagree bc without them I am stuck in bed all day screaming and crying and don’t have a life. Well, in so glad he told me that they don’t work I had no idea. I call bullshit.

  10. Dr Drew is one of the most pernicious of the corporate media/marketing hucksters that populate our media. Dr Drew, peddled expensive “treatment” centers on his TV show, back in the early 2000’s and some of the people he elevated to reality TV fame died. Drew was also a Fox News “Celebrity expert where he peddles, misinformation and outright lies along with his ointments

    Dr Drew even stormed off a TV show, when another guest an addiction expert quoted researchers by name and referred to actual research. Dr Drew, just like a toddler throwing a tantrum accused the other guest, Jonathon Hari, of “name dropping.” Citing sources for research according to Dr Drew is name dropping, of course he only goes with what he believes or what the sponsors are paying for..All anyone has to do ti look at Dr Drew History and how he is a frequent reality TV show guest. He even does a show where he analyzes reality TV stars on TV, as if their behavior on these shows is real. This guy is a goofball, and shows to what lengths these TV Experts will go to for fame and money.

    Dr Drew is a really despicable character who has set healthcare back for 2 decades. His lies and misinformation on reality TV, led to a lot of deaths.Drew’s foray into politics has done some serious damage to this nation. Dfrew has made a lot of money due to the unregulated false health claims he makes. This country used to have laws against making false health claims, but now anything goes.

    Dr Drew is incapable of figuring out, that the way that people behave on reality TV shows has no basis in reality. Just like Dr Drew, they behave that way for fame, attention and money. Dr Drew has also been alleged to have sexually abused a number of young women who turned to him for help. He used Ketamine on them. and then raped and psychologically abused them. The first hand reports were really disgusting.

  11. There’s plenty of evidence that pain meds work for the chronic pain patients out there. Why don’t you talk to patients that were on them for years and then force tapered or abruptly cutoff? We can absolutely tell you that they work.
    Truly, the government done the biggest study itself when people were cutoff or force tapered after the 2016 CDC guidelines were used as laws. What has been done to patient’s is utterly despicable.

  12. He says there is ZERO evidence that pain meds work for chronic pain. What about the millions of pain patients who can testify that they benefit from pain medications for chronic pain. Are we all liars? This nonsense that pain meds don’t work is based on the idiotic concept that, because they have no studies showing pain meds work long-term, that “PROVES” that they don’t work. No doctor should go around repeating that nonsense. Drew is doing pain patients a terrible disservice by repeating this garbage. His arrogance is disgusting, especially since he is completely disinformed. He needs to listen to CPPs. We are the experts on chronic pain and how to deal with it. Not PROP.

    • A big part of the reason they don’t have studies on whether or not pain medications work long-term is that, until now, most people thought it was too cruel to do those studies because they would leave many CPPs in pain on placebos for long periods of time. Seems folks used to think that was too cruel. Now we have politicians calling for not only such studies but also demanding that doctors not be allowed to prescribe pain meds until they do these studies. This is insanity, this is not how medicine should work. It’s backward “science” created to come to a preconceived belief and ignoring human input while doing experiments on rodents. Clue, humans are the best “test subjects.” Rats can’t talk or rate their pain on a scale of one to ten.

  13. I have zero doubt that if Dr Drew had to live in my body for a day, week or month …. he would change his ignorant attitude regarding chronic pain gets worse from opioids! If anyone is full of metal in their spine and pelvis and literally being held together with rods and screws along with severe nerve damage…… I promise alternative treatments don’t work! I have tried everything possible and without pain medicine I would die from a heart attack or stroke because my blood pressure gets dangerously high because my body cannot regulate with pain that makes a person want to die without proper pain treatment!

    • Wow,I can’t believe how similar our stories are.I have screws and rods holding my spine and just last month my pain management doctor and I were talking about the many meds I have to take for blood pressure and if I were taken off my pain meds how I WOULD HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR A STROKE.

  14. Where do they get these idiots from, he’s in that commercial for
    Theraworx, another product that claims to relieve pain. This product
    Is expensive and does not work on pain but Dr. Hollywood, know it all,
    Got this one wrong too.

    Please stop interviewing idiots, if you want to know about pain and
    What relieves it, try asking an actual Chronic PAIN Patient. At least
    Than you will get an honest answer.

  15. Wrong, wrong, wrong about Opioid Therapy not working for chronic pain! After years of having quality of life, thanks to opioids, my Dr became spooked by the 2016 “guidelines” and dumped his intractible pain patients. Since, I have lost my small business, am unable to care for my elderly parents, 30 yr marriage has suffered.
    I developed Adhesive Arachnoiditis from ESIs with Depo Medrol, in effort to ease my suffering. The pain is described as that of bone cancer, without the treatment or release (death).
    You missed the mark this time Dr Drew!!!!!

  16. This is an outrage. The continuance of one addiction counselor after another masquerading as a expert on Opiods. I haven’t even heard video but watched the callous response or statement made on a Fox basically laughing that intractable pain even be considered in treatment of patients. It has become laughable, if not such a tragedy and genocide of the sick and disabled that no Pain Management Physicians that have actually treated real Pain Patients are even heard. Of course addiction psychologist are going to see addiction and non compliance!!!! Stop the attack on compliant pain patients who are suffering daily and dying or taking their lives as you addiction persons lump them in with those suffering addiction and claim it’s everyone. The truth is coming out ,too slowly for most, but you all will be seen for ignoring those suffering. There should be plenty of those with addiction who can fill the treatment centers that so many “EXPERTS??” Seem to be financially vested in aren’t there?? Why try to include and harm those who definitely have a true need for these medications and harm them? Intelligence is being able to accept logic and information and process that information without bias. We can all provide you with clean compliant years of medical documentation of our compliance in our records. Many people have used the same dose for years!!! If you’re truly trying to help and not just benefit from this crisis you need to admit to the patients whom you actually treat?? Which I believe to be addiction!!!!! So why include intractable pain patients to whom which you nor AK either treat!!! Please show the statistics that claim we are addicts, not those coming to you for addiction but the proof from chronic pain management clinics!!! Opioids work well for pain. There are millions of us who compliantly take and they improve our quality of life and participation in those lives. No I wasn’t abused or assaulted in any way!!!! Opioids work they bind to receptors that the NSAIDS do not. They are not as harmful as large regular doses of Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen on the body’s systems. Opioids have been used for hundreds of years. Your culprit is Illicit Fentanyl and Heroin!!! Oh no money in getting rid of that, just in curing those who become addicted. Please if you cannot help the chronic pain community do not further hurt them. Addiction and intractable pain are two very different situations!!!! We join life with pain relief,not escape it.

  17. I respected Dr Drew until listening to him here…no more he’s a jerk with a “black and white “ thought pattern. Such a disappointment

  18. I would totally have to disagree with u. I have chronic pain with intermittent flareups. I have had over a 20 plus yr span of pain from an incredibly rare condition; Suprascapular nerve impingements with my muscles being 100% atrophied in my dominant arm & 85% in my other. I also have RSD & SPS. I have gone long periods with & without pain meds in my life from this. I can promise u pain meds gives me life. I recently had a yr without any pain meds so if what u were saying is true I should of gotten better instead of worse. I continued to get worse & having someone help me do everything was so degrading! Also, interestingly enough again if what u r saying is true; I have herniated and bulging disc’s in my back and they rarely cause me any pain at all in my back whether or not I am taken pain Meds or not.

  19. He is now an imbecile in my book… Hollywood bullshit you are hurting people with chronic pain by your ignorant comments…. I hope you feel our pain for a day!

  20. Wow! He certainly cut that lady off trying to describe her chronic pain. No empathy there. His statement, “There is zero evidence that opioids work for chronic pain” is WRONG because, there is zero evidence that opioids don’t work for chronic pain. That is, there has been no long term studies because it is considered inhumane to take patients off their chronic pain medications for months and months just to complete a study. If that is the case, then then using opioids for chronic pain appears to work, otherwise they would be no ethical problem with taking away chronic pain patient’s meds. This doctor is being rude to the lady that called in, and he is “ignorant” of the facts. I shut him off – not worth listening to his ignorant statements.

  21. Dr Drew, you have NO CLUE what you are taloita about period! What is your doctorate in? It can’t have anything to do with chronic pain in any way. Not only are you Very ignorant on opioids and chronic pain, but you show your arrogance and disagreement in this video in a large way. Every specific question you were asked about chronic pain or opioids you either stayed silent it triTrto change the subject so others don’t clearly see how little you really know. I could Not trust you to diagnose the simplest scratch, cold, or bug bite after hearing you talk. You are a perfect example of why patients do Not trust the medical field, but Worse. You are truly Pathetic and Disgusting as far as a Dr. goes. Compared to you (in this subject alone) I must be a genius. LMAO
    How do you Profit off this subject?!!

  22. Ahhh. The gift of being certain.

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