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  1. I agree 110% with the comment left by canarensis, “this cartoon isn’t even remotely funny”. The DEA is killing people with chronic pain by arresting their doctors, putting doctors in fear of their licenses, overseeing pain medication prescriptions when they have no medical background, and trying to over-limit production of needed pain medications. This cartoon only perpetuates the idea that the DEA should be (more) involved in the Doctor-patient relationship. The DEA is already responsible for the “Untreated Pain Crisis” in this country, we need less DEA involvement in the Doctor-Patient relationship, NOT more.

    It also perpetuates the False idea that prescription pain medications caused the drug problem. First, prescription drugs did not cause a drug problem in this country, and (second), a pill does not cause addiction any more than a bottle of beer can cause alcoholism.

    I don’t understand why anyone that is aware of the “Untreated Pain Crisis” in this country would consider this cartoon “funny”.

  2. Actually, I gotta say this cartoon isn’t even remotely funny to me, since it perpetuates the myth that Rx pain meds are the real/only problem. Maybe my monitor is defective, but I sure don’t see any syringes, heated spoons, or rubber tubing in it; the beach is covered with prescription bottles. More propaganda worthy of Goebbels.

  3. I love this!!

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