Just think about it… global warming is blamed on excessive CO2… along with other things like COW FARTS ( Methane )

Every time that one of us exhales… we expel CO2…  fewer people would mean less CO2 and it would probably mean fewer cows… since fewer people would suggest fewer steak/hamburgers being consumed and thus less cow farts.  Fewer people driving/traveling less miles in various means of transportation all contributing to increased CO2

Then we have all those disabled/handicapped/medically compromised pts that many refer to as “takers” because they take more from our society than they contribute…

We really can’t go out and “knock people off”, but if we limit or compromise their medical treatment so that their co-morbidity issues to escalate or worsen and they die of “natural causes”

The millions of dollars that our country could save from fewer Medicare/Medicaid pts that have to receive treatment could help address our 22 trillion national debt and extent the years of viability of the Medicare and SS trust funds could be substantial. Insurance companies could either become more profitable or reduce the premium costs .. since fewer people needing expensive medical care.

Could the chronic pain community be the “guinea pigs” to see if such a theory could work… since most chronic pain pts are having their therapy limited and many are choosing suicide as the final solution to end their pain and many are dying of “natural causes” because their untreated pain is causing their other health issues to worsen


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  1. Could this be the REAL reason the Trump administration refuses to do anything about the skyrocketing costs of Diabetes, cancer and other drugs desperately needed by ailing patients? We hear every day about more patients who have died because of rationing their meds out of inability to pay astronomical costs every month. Then there are the chronic pain patients who are being denied medication because they are apt to become addicted or sell their medications on the street. Such deductions are obviously propaganda and potential excuses to keep suffering victims in appalling levels of suicide driving pain. I believe in this scenario and have for quite some time. The lack of care and understanding by government officials and their refusal to listen to professionals in pain management while backing the publishing of rhetorical garbage via PROP makes this thought a reality for millions witnessing the carnage.

  2. I very much AGREE with “your opinion”. I would hope that we “live” in a better world, but…………

  3. Good point except for Medicaid/Medicare could then be given to illegal aliens without further expenditure.
    This could exactly explain why so many people who live in pain are being tortured to death!

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