Here is a report from the DOJ about the DEA


a couple of interesting quotes:

The NSS and NFLIS data reports included total seized Weight without reference to whether it is finished dosage forms. container weight. tablets or pill weight provides no reference to specific API concentrations; and the databases do not distinguish between pharmaceutically and illicitly manufactured controlled substances …..

As a result of considering the extent of diversion, DEA notes that the quantity of FDA-approved drug products that correlate to diverted controlled substances in 2018 represents less than one percent of the total quantity of controlled substances distributed to retail purchasers.

This is a 22 page document dates Sept 2019… the above is just a couple of quotes that I pulled out of the report…  Appears to show how convoluted the mythology in how they come to final conclusions on the legit use and abuse of various legal and illegal opiates.


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  1. You sound surprised that our own government
    would screw us over so blatantly, thry have been
    doing it for years.

  2. %1. Sounds like a good reason to chuck 50 million severe pain patients. Ya know in poker you want to know what you got before you bet, …unless you already know you will win.

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