Enforcing the law is more important than relieving a pt’s pain from stage 4 cancer ?

“Just doing my job harassing and searching a stage 4 cancer patients bags for a plant.” This is TRULY pathetic. Not bravery. Not protecting the community. Just pathetic! This man could have days to live but you waste his time searching his possessions because ‘it’s the law?’ Disgusting!

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  1. What a waster of resources this is – when there are real criminals out there. And how insane and cruel to do this to a dying person. No words for how disgusting this is. Absolute insanity. These officers should be ashamed

  2. Unbefuckinglievable.

  3. So where did the video come from?

  4. Yes, the video needs to go viral!

    Let’s all forward it to local TV and everywhere.

    I’m just as afraid that the general public will not “get it”. Those were gun toting goons in a hospital room with dying cancer patient. What other orders will the goons follow? They were just following orders.

    This law enforcement mentality was dealt with at the Nuremberg Trials!
    It’ happening again, I’m afraid.

    And after the video goes viral, the people need to go viral.

  5. This needs to go viral, and be sent to news media outlets. Be good to know who these “fine bully boys” in blue work for; but I am sure this would be done by many police departments across the country. The “boys in blue” are probably expecting to get a payday bonus if they can find the THC and give a citation to this stage 4 cancer patient. Then the patient would have to waste more time appearing in court when he has little time left. Maybe this video would also open the eyes of some of our government officials so they will realize what out society has evolved into with the failed War on Drugs!

  6. Makes me beyond angry!

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