Over 80% of voters want term limits on Congress


The above link is to a very interesting 5 minute video attempting to address the reason(s) we are UNABLE TO VOTE THE BUMS OUT !

Last Monday Linda Cheek had a on line meeting https://doctorsofcourage.org/ with the Jeff Scott who is a Libertarian ( https://www.lp.org/ ) running in a special election for the 9th district in NC.  He seemed very open minded to listening to the issues of the chronic pain community.

The next morning, the election day in NC, I was listening to one of the morning shows and they were talking about this special election in NC and only the <R> and the <D> candidates in the race were discussed.  So is the media, in lock-step with promoting our TWO PARTY SYSTEM ?

Is it just me, or does things seem to validate that we have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM and it would take a major upheaval to even attempt to break it up ?

As the person in the video point out to the senate committee that he is addressing… Congress works for us… and WE THE PEOPLE want term limits on those in Congress.

It took 4 yrs for 75% of the states to ratify the 22nd Amendment.  A Republican dominated Congress passed the 22nd Amendment on March 21, 1947.   I am sure that the fact that FDR – a democrat – got elected for his four consecutive terms had little to do with him getting elected to his FOURTH TERM in Nov 1944.

Congress functions on a seniority basis, so unless all the members of congress with the most seniority are toss from office at the same time… with the exception of the House of Representatives … it is nearly impossible to accomplish this with the Senate since 33 or 34 members are up for re-election every 2 yrs.


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  1. All Reps are up for re election every two years.

  2. Term Limits on Congress, the Senate is the one that needs to be
    Completed re-done. The Senate (Republicans)we have now has over 100 bills
    And has done absolutely.nothing about any of them. Mitch Mc Connell
    Is refusing to put any bills on the floor w/o the Dictator Trump’s permission. They should all be removed from office, loose their
    Pension and never be allowed to have a job in politics again.

    These people work for the American people, Not their party, pockets,
    It is about time they remembered that.

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