William R. Bauer, MD, 82, a neurologist in Port Clinton, OH with over 50 years of experience was indicted

William R. Bauer, MD, 82, a neurologist in Port Clinton, OH with over 50 years of experience was indicted


William R. Bauer, MD, 82, a neurologist in Port Clinton, OH with over 50 years of experience was indicted on 200 counts of distribution of controlled substances (fentanyl, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, and other drugs) and 14 counts of healthcare fraud.

As usual, the DOJ used “outside the usual course of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose” as their “crime”. But as repeated with every post, this is the illegal creation of a crime that the DOJ is now doing repeatedly against innocent physicians across the country. In order to create the “crime”, they claim that the doctor
1. Gave inadequate examinations and got inadequate medical histories;
2. Failed to establish an objective pain diagnosis;
3. Failed to consider non-opioid treatment options;
4. Prescribed high doses of opioids to patients without regard to any improvement in pain level, function or quality of life;
5. Failed to consider a patient’s state of addiction;
6. Ignored signs and warnings that patient family members were stealing substances prescribed to the patients;
7. Ignored warning letters about improper prescribing;
8. Patients running out of pills from overuse and frequently requesting early refills,
9. and other actions.

They try to make it sound so bad, but the 200 charges are for each individual prescription for controlled substances written to 7 patients between 2015 and 2018. Then they use Medicare fraud charges on top to try to force him to take a plea because fraud charges are hard to defend against due to the vague laws written just for that purpose.

The fraud charges are that the epidural injections and trigger point injections he administered were done “without medical necessity”. The indictment states that the injections “failed to meet procedural requirements”. According to the indictment, imaging must be used during the procedure so that the injection can be reimbursable by insurance, and that if the injections are ineffective, the billing is thereby “fraudulent”. I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a requirement of imaging for payment for procedures. And that just increases the cost. Ridiculous!!

The CPT billing for trigger point injections is delineated HERE. There is no mention of the requirement for imaging.
According to the indictment, the imaging he used documented improper needle placement which caused the injections to be ineffective for their stated purpose and, therefore, fraudulently billed to insurers. This is ridiculous. A doctor with Dr. Bauer’s experience doesn’t need a fluoroscope to tell he has put the needle in the right place. The proper placement for an epidural is felt, not seen. Doctors, beware if insurance is going to take ineffectiveness of a procedure to declare fraud. Probably 50% of the procedures done in the country are ineffective.

But the main point of the indictment was the opioid prescriptions, as stated by U. S. Attorney Justin Herdman:

“This physician is accused of recklessly prescribing thousands of doses of fentanyl and other painkillers to people for no legitimate medical purpose.”

Even though the Controlled Substance Act implicitly states that only the DOCTOR can determine legitimate medical purpose:

(56) (C) the practitioner, acting in the usual course of professional practice, determines there is a legitimate medical purpose for the issuance of the new prescription.

But then the USA follows the tried and true DOJ labeling of doctors as “drug traffickers” in order to use the CSA against them. This is an example of government overreach, failure to follow Supreme Court decisions, creating crime where there is no crime, and simply making up laws to fit their purpose—attacking doctors for money.

They then black mark doctors with their comments that are then copied and printed by the media, contaminating the jury pool with propaganda and ignorance, claiming legitimate prescriptions are contributing to the fake government-created “addiction epidemic”. When are the American people going to get wise? The real crooks are the agents and agencies that reap the illegal rewards of attacking physicians for doing their job, such as those quoted in the indictment:
1. U. S. Attorney Justin Herdman
2. FBI Agent Eric B. Smith
3. DEA agent Keith Martin
4. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
6. Assistant U. S. Attorneys Gene Crawford and Ava R. Dustin.

Even the Sandusky register, which has in the past, written articles about the good Dr. Bauer is doing for his patients (March, 2019) now spews the propaganda and minimalize what they’ve written in the past, instead of exposing the government lies. Dr. Bauer appeared several times on the Register’s public affairs show “Between the Lines” stating his advocacy for chronic pain patients caught in the opioid crack down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rpJ593sSQ4
Some of his patients, claimed that he saved their lives. “He’s a good guy,” “Thank God for Dr. Bauer,” One of Dr. Bauer’s patients, a veteran, admitted to attempting suicide in the past numerous times. He described Dr. Bauer as a “lifesaver.”

Dr. Bauer is president of the Huron County Medical Society. Their website has information for chronic pain patients who have been refused treatment or had their prescriptions denied by a pharmacy. So he becomes a target of the US government? Stand up against a bullying government and they will attack you. Is that the message?

Meanwhile, the Kasich administration, which pushed hard to reduce the supply of pain pills, saw drug overdose deaths rise every year from 2011 to 2017, from 1,772 in 2011 to 4,854 in 2017. Ending legitimate treatment of pain such as this attack on Dr. Bauer, actually is what has created the fake drug epidemic by forcing legitimate pain patients to street drugs to treat their pain.

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  1. This is total BS. He is a very caring compassionate doctor who did not want to see his patients with intractable chronic pain suffer. The chronic pain patients are suffering tremendously. My quality of life is down too almost 0. Before I was forced to taper my same dose I was on for over a decade I had quality of life and was actually able to exercise 3 days a week which helped my diseases not get worse. Now I’m getting worse and worse and will be in a wheelchair soon. They have to quit persecuting our doctors and go after the drug cartel.

  2. How dare the CDC post retraction of their guidelines by saying the doctors misunderstood the purpose of this letter. Then they placed the blame on the drs. I still want to know why it is legal for them to have access to any ones medical records. I feel that is an invasion of my privacy since I am not being brought up on charges. Is this not supposed to follow same rules as search and seizure? We have no rights anymore. The gov’n just picks and chooses what laws they want to over ride.

    • Sadly, you didnt understand CDC were just pacifing us while they finish our last good doctor’s off. Currently, the Dea’s focus is on pain management and Rheumatologist’s who treat auto immune diseases. When they finish no one will be treated at all! We will be herded to the Suboxne clinic’s, what’s left of us, and continue to make money off of us!

      • I was put on the Bupren patch (Suboxone). I gave it a fair chance (a month) and I’ve been crying everyday in severe pain. They’re trying to get Belbuca (I believe it’s also Suboxone but works better and differently?) approved for me now (previously denied, because the doctor’s staff-person doesn’t know how to get approvals–I went without my Synthroid for 3 weeks because of her).

        I’m 64 and doubt that I’ll ever get the meds back that gave me at least 1/2 a life and without crying everyday (that’s if I can even stay on this earth another 20 years or so–I actually have my plan in place when I hit that “last straw” because NO ONE could live long with my current pain level). I HAD to make a plan.

        Now with yet ANOTHER doctor getting indicted, I’m even more depressed and doubtful that doctors will ever start prescribing adequate pain medications in my lifetime (if I lived a normal life span based on my mom and GM). Whenever humane, compassionate doctors (or ANY people, for that matter) are indicted for doing their jobs properly, it’s a sad, sad world. To me, the only valid reason for indicting doctors regarding pain medications is if they are privately SELLING opiates.

  3. I wonder if this awesome interview that Dr. Bauer did came back to haunt him?


  4. It is simply strikingly REDICULOUS that a physician with YEARS of education and practical experience CAN NOT make a judgement based on EXPERIENCE of what and HOW to treat a patient with known generating pain issues or KNOWN pain generating surgeon “screw ups” even when the patient can provide documentation of years and decades of the SAME complaint to the doctor, without variation of where the pain is “coming from” without being harassed, embarrassed, D near bankrupted and ultimately DROVE out of business! It does not appear our physicians will be able to administer ANY pain management procedures AND prescribe opiate oral medication until all physicians COMPLY ( with the “guideline”) as per the “experts” opinion who have NEVER even met the patient……personally! P’s ME OFF

  5. This is so WRONG! Funny how it’s always doctors with long time successful practices!!

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