how many times has the Rx dept staff embarrassed you at the pharmacy counter ?

Isn’t it about time the pts started to embarrass them ?  The post linked below… is what I am talking about… this pt’s embarrassment was posted in a local OHIO newspaper

Stark has filed a complaint with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy against Walgreens’ Pharmacist, refusing to fill meds she had taken for EIGHT YEARS

Want to share your embarrassing story with all those on the web ?…  I will publish them – minus  your personal information..

Tired of a pharmacy telling your that “they are not comfortable” filling your prescription/medication to treat your health condition ? Maybe -you – the pt needs to make them really feel uncomfortable… share your story with me… I will post it… name names… if it is a chain pharmacy…. give me the name of the pharmacist…. give me at least the town they are in…

Let’s see how comfortable they are when their chains start getting BAD PR because of their actions/decisions


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  1. I know it’s more common than not to have problems with the big chains. My experience couldn’t be any more different. My neighborhood CVS pharmacy staff is friendly, professional, and helpful. Every month my pharmacist makes sure to order my meds in advance so he’ll have enough on the shelf. (I take 300 30mg IR morphine and 100 10mg oxycodone every month). Once when my pharmacist was on vacation, a floater filled someone else’s script with my allotted morphine. Instead of making me forfeit the shortage, he called around to find another CVS that had all 300 in stock and then called the pharmacist there to make sure that I wasn’t treated like a dope fiend when I showed up.

    Pharmacies are staffed by people. I’m not sure if the size of the pharmacy is as important as who works there. I have seen rude staff at small independent pharmacies and wonderfully professional staff at a big pharmacy like Wal-greens and CVS.

  2. I have seen the staff at Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS shame people who could not afford a prescribed antibiotic. They routinely shame people over heart medications, blood pressure or not having insurance coverage or the money for a co pay.

    Letting everyone in line know that a patient is picking up an opioid, is how they do business.

    • You are so correct on this about CVS and Walgreens! The staff are very rude and so is the Pharmacist. I am from Elkhart, IN. CVS on Bristol Street.

  3. Thank you. I have had bad experiences but not this bad. And now have been denied treatment for 3 years. One pharmacy filled my daughter’s anti inflammatory with LDN shes 14 thank god she hadnt taken it. Then i spilled it. I put in in bottle they sent pharm tech who is a friend of mine to pick up while i was at work so i couldn’t do amything about it. It gets better then they put it back on the shelf to be redespenced. They gave me 20.00 worth of store credit for their mistake? It went out to other patients who may or may not have been notified. They told friend she could notify if she wanted but they weren’t. Same place is despencing expired meds and letting group homes run out of daily meds for patients which we all know is hell and cruel to do to someone.

    Walmart would never let me pick my pain meds up when perscribed saying insurance wouldn’t cover. When i offered to pay out of pocket was told that was insurance fruad. Mind you this was 2 days before last rx was filled. I had zero window for exceptionally bad day and had never had an issue.

    I have had pain clinics refuse to see me because of other meds. I am narcoleptic so that requires sleep med stimulant and have anxiety. I even asked the place could you not rx meds but see if a spinal stimulator would help. But a huge red sticker on my file no meds? Nope cant do that. Thanks…..

    I have awful reactions and can not take 95% of things that may work due to extreme side effecrs and lack of effectiveness. I researched and persued genetic testing long long before it was common in hopes of understanding why. No dr knew about it. I finally got a nurse to order. Dr washed his hands of me because he didn’t understand.

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