76-Year-Old Veteran Denied Care, Commits Suicide In VA Parking Lot


Some of our veterans gave their lives in defense of this country. It takes a very brave person to be willing to sacrifice themselves for their country.

Sadly, many veterans are not being treated very well by their country. The man you see in this photo is 76-year-old Peter A. Kaisen.

Kaisen served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1962. He was standing outside the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center when he took his own life.

veteran takes his life

He was a recurring patient at the hospital but had been denied service.

Thomas Farley, Kaisen’s friend for 40 years, said Kaisen went there for help with depression.

Kaisen retired from the Navy and became a Long Beach Police Officer.

In the 1960s, he was in a car accident and was permanently disabled. Kaisen had gone to the ER for help and didn’t get any.

So, he went outside to his car and took his life. What kind of a hospital turns away someone who is asking for help with a mental illness?







veteran takes his life

Who dropped the ball? The hospital stated that Kaisen didn’t go to the ER for help.

Are we to believe that he just drove to the hospital and shot himself in the parking lot?

veteran takes his life

Kaisen’s family is hoping that by sharing this story, it brings awareness to how the VA is treating our veterans.

Something needs to change – now. The past several years has revealed that many VA hospitals are falling short in their treatment of veterans.

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  1. Dear VA Well fine if you want me to die because I am a burden then why not give us the opiates. I mean they are suppose to be so dangerous one pill could kill me. I mean if it is so bad we will all O D right. Well the VA they know that is not how it works. They know having less pain means you do better and your organs do not get damaged. Studies have showed that chronic pain ages the brain faster and causes hormone imbalances that can cause death. Basically you need to learn how much chronic pain not being treated does and be brutal honest and just flat out tell them that you do not believe there bullshit and why. I did that and got my meds. You have to be informed on all the crap they are saying and you need to know the fact about addiction and what it is and is not. By the time I get done with them the excuse are just stupid and the person who is conning you knows it. Be nice and polite but don’t let them get away with shit. I even had the head doctor in the pain clinic tell me epidural were FDA approved until I showed they were not. His comment was well they never really work anyway but we have to offer it. Then he apologized because he just assumed that thing are up and up and just assumed they were. Also I know some Veterans have gotten help from there Senators to get proper care..Or you can move. The VA is horrible with transfer of records and usually do not look at them unless they are looking fo for past test or surgery results of something like that. I love from DO to MN about 5 years ago and the VA still cannot get the records from FL or Dallas or Columbus OH ect.

  2. 100% Rated Disabled Marine Corps Veteran. I believe they are trying to Euthanize this chronically ill pain patient. I was medevac during active duty USMC to Madigan Army Hospital with Stroke Symptomatology and onset ptsd.

    I was LifeFlighted years later. Had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). The nexus was 30 years untreated chronic PTSD. I was immediately put on Opioid Therapy (LAO + SAO), for migraine-induced IP Symptomatology.

    My father died. He was moms care giver. Mom was dying from Parkinson. They were married for 67 years. Needless to say, I left my healthcare network insurance and support group in Nevada to come back home to Washington State to be in support of my mother.

    Upon arriving in Washington, I had to let the VHA to take sole care over my healthcare. Previously had Blue Cross & Blue Shield Insurance plan F (medicare supplement). This was not offered in Washington for disabled people under age 65.

    I was taking 160mg Methadone + 60mg Oxycodone + 1mg Alsopham daily. The VA first decision was to force taper me to zero. If that’s not intent to Euthanize, all I can say is that you had to be their. I laid (and prayed) at the Red Lion hotel for over 90 days prior to my money running out. So much for being in support of my mother. I was so non-functional! It was pathetic.

    I also have been on the surgical waitlist since OCT2010 for a broken Patella. It is fragmented, arthritic, painful and swollen. I was also scheduled for a discectomy (cervical spine), just prior to moving here. After having the brain bleed in 2006; I have issues controlling my BP without My Opioid Therapy rescue Medications. I wake up daily with headaches. When my pain level spikes or escalates, I start to get stressed, and anxious. Then my BP moves in unison. If my headache turns to intense, I then become extremely concerned. If it turns towards a thunderclap variety, it means straight to the ER for help (rescue meds). The ER on occasions have referred to me as a “VA PROBLEM”. After humiliating me in the ER, I was sent home walking in the rain at 4am with my flip-flops and PE shorts on. Hey, when the ambulance comes for you; one just gets in. The ER sent me home with untreated chronic pain issues and symptoms.

    It’s disgusting that having a 100% rating I am currently not receiving any treatment or medications for my SC-Disabilities. I also have been waiting for dental implants over 2 years. My bipap machine has ravished my teeth through the years. Lastly, my paid off condo is going on the auction block in December 2019 for unpaid property taxes. Being 100% rated. In Washington State a veteran receives an exemption from property taxes. Due to my nonfunctionality issues related to forced tapered Opioid Therapy Medications, I am unable to navigate the system to overcome this obstacle. I believe the brain bleed, c-PTSD, and lack of Opioid medications have restricted my cognitive abilities. I’ve asked for a social worker to help guide me through the system. But to no avail.

    I’ve tried to get other primary care providers and or pain management specialist to prescribe my rescue medications, BUT the VA is sabotaging my efforts. My civilian medical records are clean and unbiased. But VA protocol intentionally negatively document the veterans medical records in efforts to detour future VA Disability claims/payments.

    I just have one thought! Where Are All The Billions going that Congress appropriates for Veterans healthcare? You can bet! It’s not coming my way. And after waiting 41 years for a 100% Rating, and getting no help from the VA whatsoever, THAT REALLY BITES

    • Wow, Miller..that is a sad story for so many reasons! I hope you get the care you need and deserve!!
      One aspect that popped out is your inability to navigate the Property Tax System to save your home due to PAIN. I understand that! Nobody could focus with throbbing, intractable head PAIN! So please take one piece of advice; use some of your 100% Disability Benefits and hire a Home Health Aid
      for a few days/wk to help you gain your strength and help you “navigate” through some of these issues. They can read and complete forms, take you to the tax office or appointments. The cost is about $12-$17/hr and well worth the expense for a few months of assistance to help you figure things out.
      Note: The VA is PROUD of their accomplishment of disregarding opiate PAIN medications! It’s their only “accomplishment” and all it did is kill more Veterans quicker! I’ll never give up my private Health Insurance for Govt Supplied Healthcare! I’ll spend my last dollar on a PRIVATE DOCTOR who will treat my PAIN with the opiate medication I need!
      It’s still a Free Country, Miller! Maybe find yourself a PRIVATE DOCTOR to treat your PAIN! Money in the bank means nothing when every day is a struggle not to blow your head off!!
      USAF Medic Veteran
      Concerned Citizen

  3. My condolences to the family of Mr. Kaisen. R.I.P. and thank you for your service.
    Steve I truly believe this is what the ones “in charge” want, They don’t care about the elder Pain patients. They would just as soon see us kill ourselves off. It’s one less “pain” in the way of their “Agenda!”
    And that is truly sick!

    • Mr.Dennis,,,sadly,,I agree w/u 100 %%,,,May he R.I.P. finally.
      They want us all dead,,to quote kolodny,,”not until thee entire generation is gone,” un quote will this agenda of forced physical pain,ie,torture,, of the medically ill in physical pain from their medical condition be thee acceptable norm in America soo the insurance industry,,ceo’s,,addiction the-rapist,,can make a buck off the backs of our dead,,,Sickening thee inhumane ideology of America’s Government..I saw in 1 article that America and Isreal are thee 2 most tolerant countries when it come to torturing their own kind,,,,sickening aint it,,,,We’ve got to find a way to make our own EFFECTIVE medicine from nature,,jmo,,,maryw

    • I keep having zero luck wrapping my head around the story about the 95-year-old vet that had been on pain meds since 1947, but got cut off anyway. What the hell did the idiots think was going to happen…he’d get addiction problems after more than 70 years on the med without problems? That it would shorten his life span? That he’s been selling his meds on the black market for 70+ years & nobody noticed?? That he somehow deserved to spend his last few years or months in unnecessary agony?!? Sanity & sense are extinct.

      • Even for those of us who are young and could, if medicated properly, return to work, even that doesn’t seem good enough for “them”. I have to suffer until sometime Monday to get three medications, two of which required PA’s and I notified my doctor’s office of my needed refills last Monday. It wasn’t the doctor’s office though – because MassHealth mandates that you cannot run a new prescription until the day it is due, they both were run this morning and gee, wouldn’t ya know it…. The other medicine, however, was someone at the doctor’s office not paying attention.

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