Monday 8 PM EDT: communication campaign to end government overreach

Monday Webinar:

The Communication Campaign

How do we get information to the legislators and President that they can’t ignore and dismiss with a form letter?  Through coordinated mass emails/FB posts/tweets from hundreds of constituents at the same time.  DoctorsofCourage is spearheading such a campaign.

Major advocates in the work of stopping the attacks on patients and pain management providers met on the webinar Monday, June 24. We put our heads together, discussed what has been tried, but hasn’t worked, and are working on a coordinated effort to design effective communication. This is a start. We will be working every Monday on a communication campaign that hopefully all will participate in. If you have any ideas to share, please send them to me at I will share with the group. If you are interested in becoming an active advocate in the campaign, please join us next Monday at 8:00 EDT.

To dial in by phone:

United States – Camden, DE

United States – Denver, CO

United States – Los Angeles, CA

United States – New York, NY

United States – Tampa, FL

United States – Washington, DC

More phone numbers

Conference ID:
848-079-407 #

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  1. A shameless marketing and PR stunt. They will no doubt get lots of free social media amplification, and people will die as long as our government remains bought and paid for!


  2. Oh shoot that was EST. So delirious with ill health. Dr. Cheek will there be a vid of the discussion? I will look around for a replay. Sorry.

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