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  1. Kolodny is full of Alternative Facts. Notice how they leave out facts about the number of people who got “addicted” by their doctor. They also conveniently forget the facts about healthcare, income inequality, suicide and despair. They are Gas Lighting us all.

  2. Sorry… “The sharp increase in prescribing simply paralled…”

  3. A certain increase in exposure caused by the beneficial increase in prescribing in the 90s did trigger some addictions and cause some overdoses – but the increase was needed and beneficial for under-treated pain.
    The sharp increase in overdoses simply paralled the appearance of huge amounts of fentanyl, where most ODs come from.

    • Congress passed the DECADE OF PAIN bill in 2000 and it was signed into law by Bush (43) and became law 01/01/2001 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26458017 which encouraged docs to treat pain as the FIFTH VITAL SIGN… it expired and no renewed Dec 31st 2010 during the second year of the Obama administration. Once again Congress was tinkering with health care and opiates.. started with Harrison Narcotic Act 1914 which created the “opiate black market” and then the Controlled Substance Act 1970 to declare war on the growing abuse of opiate related substances. Some claim that is part of the definition of socialism.. the bureaucracy creates a problem then tries to create another bureaucracy/agency to deal with the problem they previous created. With opiates we have now seen two cycles of causing and trying to solve a problem they created.

      • I mean, we say we need and have a right to and self-police the medicine and the street issue is separate. But do WE SAY ‘two things about opiates simply paralleled each other’. Is this not a key understanding Dr. Steve?

  4. Anyone know how much this sick-f—- is being paid to testify this time????maryw

    • ‘Amen. Special corner in hell for this mf’er

    • It is not uncommon for expert witnesses to be compensated for their time. Nor is it logical to hate all rich people. Some witnesses are better than others. We would pay our witnesses if they needed it.

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