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  1. I just love this. I saw a whole exhibit at the Smithsonian in the 70s where they actually constructed working, room-sized versions of various of Rube Goldberg’s original designs. It was great!

    Thanks, Steve! Aside from the depressing thought of the analogy to the war on drugs, this was very entertaining.

  2. U know,,I was born 1964,,I had 5 brothers and sister all above me,,soo I experienced everything from them,there music,they way of life ect..Times are different..My Ma was home to raise us,,,because mortgage’s weren’t 2,000 a month..These younger adults ,,they have no common sense,,no logic,,no cause and effect in their brains,,,No forethought of the consequence of their action and their 37 years old??Wth is that??My point in bring this up,,is there throwing all this tax payer money at these young addicts,,it will do NO GOOD,, for u can’t bring back the time when they were children and suppose to be taught,,no heroin is bad,,if u do drugs,,,your life might be a mess,,ie a consequence of your ADULT action..I mean we were taught 18,,,thats it,,your an adult,,get your own apartment,,your out,,out on your own,,what u do as of 18 is on you and YOU ALONE,,,NOT MOMMY AND DADDY,,, Unless these addicts truly want help,,,,,,they wont stop,,and now a days we have 37 year old adults who were NEVER TAUGHT the tools to say NO,, the tools to realize u hit 18,,your an adult,,ever action u do is YOUR FAULT,, these addicts now a days,,,they think different,,jmo,,,,they truly think its not there fault there addicts,,and for me,,the reason they accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for there actions,,is because they were raised institutional style,,day cares at 6 weeks old,,because everything is TOOO EXPENSIVE,,When were loosing 1 % of the population to addicts who were never taught by Ma,and Dad,,,how to be a responsible adults,,who have no common sense in their brains,,,were screw’d,,,Cause all the GUILT those parent have they will justify it by passing laws to take away the medicine opiates,,,,,JUST 1 PERSON OPINION,,maryw,,

    • Mary, I am 70yrs old. I come from generation where you were responsible for your own actions. We WERE taught right from wrong;
      Respect (something that seems to have been forgotten in later generations); truth (you lie you pay the price & these days there are
      Fact checking sites); I was at Woodstock & I lived through the 60’s-70’s, we had more drugs than you can count. But we took responsibility for our own drug use, we didn’t blame the drugs or
      The Company’s that made them for getting us high. If we didn’t
      Want to get high we wouldn’t take them.

      If today’s addicts get high from drugs they should have enough smarts
      To stop taking them before they become addicted, if they don’t stop than they should not be blaming anyone but themselves since they
      Decided to continue to get high. It’s time for this generation to take
      Responsibility for their own bad decisions and grow up.

      • U know Judy,,,that is a huge huge point u just made that I totally forgot,,,Like I said,,im last of 6,,,ALLLL my brothers and sister were children of the 60’s..Heck some eve hitch hiked out there,,,But,,like u stated,,,there were more drugs then people..Easier to get,,,less consequence yet,,,where,,,where were all the addicts????Seriously??where were all the kolodyns back then spewing their CRAP,,,,THUS LIES,,,, ???
        Just your point,,at some point all these young adults got their shit together,,,,some went to the war,,but those who came home…most,,,got their shit together,,and led productive lives,,,,WHAT THE HE;LL IS WRONG W/THIS GENERATION?? ITS THE DOCTORS FAULT,,,ITS THE PHARMACIST FAULT ITS TOM’,DICK AND HARRY’S FAULT MY 37 YEAR OLD ,”BABY,” is addicted,,Informed consent doesn’t apply to their 37 year old baby,,cause he’s special,,he was raised a rich white boy,,sorry,,im sick and tired of watching my friends,,my brother,,suffer needlessly for some dam addict to get his fix,,and have mummy come preach at a hhs meeting,,or he himself preach its the pills fault,its the doctos fault,,anyone but his fault,,,,maryw

      • I turned 13 in June 1960 .. .the 60’s encompassed ALL OF MY TEENAGE YEARS … and 12 yrs of parochial school taught me two things… responsibility and how to be sneaky and not get caught or be able to talk your way out of what you got caught doing. My high school had a demerit system and somehow I managed to get thru 4 yrs without getting one.. not that I did not deserve a few. most of the time I walked very near the “do not cross line” and other times I was walking straddling the line 🙂

        • Wait a minute,,YOU,, Doc smart ass,,got no demerits,,,,yea,,,u must of been a fast talker,,or u confused the crap out of your teachers,,and they just wanted u out of their school??U just seem like such a smart ass Steve,,,,how u wouldn’t get called on the carpet for your mouth amazes me,,lol,,maryw

  3. Creativity is everywhere. Some use it for good and some use it for bad.

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