CVS limits Insulin Dependent pts to 3 glucose test strips/day billed to Medicare Part B

CVS Introduces Limit on Glucose Strips

According to this report… CVS has decided to only allow 3 glucose test strips for Insulin dependent pts and it is being billed to Medicare Part B. Even though Medicare Part B will reimburse for 4 tests strips a day.

According to this article, the news reporter reached out to CVS and their response was that they suggested that this pt get her glucose test strips at another pharmacy.

I would hope that this woman takes ALL OF HER PRESCRIPTIONS TO ANOTHER PHARMACY and hopes that her doctor suggests to all of her pts that they find another pharmacy to take care of their medication needs.

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  1. And the Aetna / CVS merger was supposed to improve patients access to quality healthcare service. Ha!

  2. “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

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