United we stand… divided we fall…

I have noticed that there are basically four categories of RPH’s  out there.

1. There is the new graduate.. deep in debt from student loans… and willing to do just about anything to get a job.. even if it means taking a pay rate below what they expected. They are fresh out of school.. they only know the rules from the BOP/DEA/FDA… they tend to believe what upper management tells them… because they don’t have the background, experience, knowledge to know the difference… They have yet to figure out that most of the BOP and the chains execs are in bed together and their license is really the only thing at risk… the corporation/permit holder is pretty much exempt from BOP penalties.

2. There are those practicing at least 5 yrs and/or approaching the middle of their career – They have been living the “good life”.. that RPH license in their hip pocket has always been like a guaranteed in flow of cash..but now they are being pushed harder and harder .. do more with less… they are seeing older RPH’s being pushed out the door for nebulous reasons…  They are trying to meet all the metrics ..but their employer keeps adding more metrics… they are being as compliant to corporate demands as they can be .. they are starting to worry about the increasing amount of errors… so far… they have not seriously harmed anyone or killed anyone – that they know of… They have been a good corporate employee, they have busted their ass for the company… they now have 3-4 weeks vacation… but so did the older RPH’s… most days… other than fighting the metrics.. their mind is looking forward to the next day off or the next vacation. Being a RPH is no longer “fun”

3. There are those “Senior Rph’s” in their late 40’s and 50’s  that find themselves sitting on the curb… being discharged for nebulous or trumped up reasons. They are having a hard time getting a new position… maybe previous employer is giving them a “n0 comment” recommendation to potential employers calling for a reference.. which can be perceived as a negative reference or the very fact that they were FIRED .. is enough.. are they viewed as less flexible in regards to bending the rules… or just the fact that are perceived to have some ethics.

4. There are those “Senior RPH’s” .. in their late 50’s or 60’s… they have been also booted out for nebulous reasons… the ones who are financially stable.. have basically thrown in the towel… taken down their shingle and folded their tent..  All too many have the mind set.. I got mine… I got out… it is not my concern that the profession is in quick sand and sinking..  Don’t ask me to do anything to help the profession…

The first three groups are either not experienced enough to make waves and/or concerned about being black-balled and never get another pharmacy job. Hospitals don’t want a retail RPH.. hell many don’t want someone without one or two residencies. They don’t seem to understand.. that you can tread water so long before you are too fatigued to continue to do it.. They lack confidence in their skill sets and/or they are so fixated on retail… they can’t see the forest for the trees… there are other opportunities… but they are not going to come knocking on their door… they have to be searched out..

The last group.. IMO .. is the saddest story… these RPH’s have nothing to loose… they are on the far side of their career… but.. have washed their hands of the profession that has been so good them and their families and helped them get where they are at today – financially..

I don’t believe that I am putting out there anything that the corporate employers don’t already know.. and are not already taking advantage of..

Just remember.. the permit holder can’t do ONE DAMN THING without a RPH that agrees to be a PIC.. and the BOP looks to the PIC as responsible for the entire legal operation of the Rx dept.

If you are a PIC… how much latitude do you have in helping to assure that the Rx dept meets all the laws and is adequately staffed to help keep med errors to a minimum and other things in the Rx dept work environment that can be the genesis of med errors…

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