FAKE NEWS: Paolo Antonio Argenzio Passed away on Monday December 10th 2018, from a self inflicted gunshot wound because of untreated pain

Paolo Antonio Argenzio


Paolo’s obituary

Paolo Antonio Argenzio,
Passed away on Monday December 10th 2018, from a self inflicted gunshot wound. In 1999 Paolo graduated Boston University with a masters degree in Financial Management and would make use of until June of 2018. Having suffered a spinal injury after being struck by a drunk driver in October of 2014, Paolo endured chronic pain which increased after a failed back surgery in January of 2018.

Once his doctors without prior notice stopped prescribing Paolo pain medications, he would become bedridden and feel a burden to his family. Without finding alternative treatment for his pain, Paolo could no longer endure his suffering and in his final communication to his wife Teodara expressed his love for his family and wishes they remember him during his best days.

Paolo leaves behind a wife Teodara, three children Catherine, Edward and Mariana. His two siblings Angelo and Salvatore, nieces Liliana, Giselle, nephews Alberto and Ignacio.

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  2. Dontpunishpainrally.com

  3. I understand exactly how that feels since my spinal cord injury almost five years ago my life is hell. Im holding on for dear life. My condolences to the family

  4. My heart goes out to this family – how very, very sad, and how completely inhumane. As a country we have started treating our pets better than we treat Chronic Pain patients. I am disgusted by what I see happening, and how many people are suffering.
    I am so grateful that this family was willing to share this very personal trauma with us – it must be so very painful – we can only hope that their bravery helps to put an end to the cruelty that is currently going on. 🙁

  5. The people that are taking away the pain medication to those who need it have no idea the pain that we suffer every single day of our life. It is not right what they’re doing. Every death because of pain medication should be held accountable to their head in the last days. My pain level is through the roof every day I don’t sleep. Because my medication has been cut so much. I pray that something gives before more lives were taken because of the DEA taking meds from people who absolutely need them every day. I’ve had surgeries I’ve had bone graft I’ve had so many things done nothing helps and every single time I go to the doctor they want to cut the medications more I really worry about what’s going to happen next

  6. My heartfelt sympatgy to his family. I am so sorry he felt the need to leave you, but I also understand & empathize.

  7. Such a shame! There are probably millions of us in the same situation now that the Opioid Crisis has taken over our lives.

  8. How sad… I have been there. Pain consumed me, doctors gave up on me, and I had no hope. I was about to end my life after suffering for 6.5 years with severe nerve pain. Then I found hope in nutrition, I became pain free, medication free in 3 months. I got off disability. Now I help others become pain free by educating them. I was blessed to find solution. So many people lose the battle, but I want tell them that there is hope. Some people said to me that there is no nutrition to reduce pain, but if people can educate themselves, learn why our body can heal with nutrition, many people can achieve pain free life. Education is free, the cost of nutrition was a fraction of my medical bills, and now I earn an income by helping others. You might be also become pain free and help others. We are here to help each other. God answered my prayers. I wish I could have reached out to him… I pray for his family.

    • Another senseless and heart wrenching suicide of a pain patient tortured to death by our government. None of what our government is doing has anything to do with helping those who are suffering & dying from addiction. They don’t GAF about addicts suffering & dying anymore than they do about pain patients suffering & dying. This is all about $$ & control, not about helping anyone. Addiction is a complex disease that is NOT caused by whatever substance or behavior the addict uses as their “drug of choice”. Prohibited, criminalization, or wiping out opioids off the face of the planet will NOT stop addiction or the resulting deaths, crime, & diseases that result from addiction. Our government knows all of this very well already. They needed people scared enough & willing to give up freedoms as a trade off to support these harmful, cruel, costly, & deadly policies being forced on us by all our gov agencies. Because of the belief in the lies our gov has perpetrated about opioid addiction, how it starts, & what addicts are really dying from, etc, citizens support & vote for these things. Addicts were the excuse & now they are the scapegoat since people in pain have had their rights violated, have been abandoned by their Dr’s, have had pain relieving opioid medication withheld, have basically been tortured & forced to find relief from their excruciating neverending incurable pain themselves (because they can no longer receive safe & medically monitored opioid treatment), to go to the streets to illegal/illicit dangerous &/or deadly drugs OR to commit suicide. The government’s decades long war on drugs has been a sham & has helped create our out of control illegal drug problem and all of the crime, cartels, gangs, diseases, & deaths that have resulted. They certainly don’t want us to know that so, they redirect our focus, lie about their intentions, & how to “solve” what is happening. If we really want to help a family member or friend who suffers from addiction or try to prevent their death, we need to put pur support behind learning more about addiction, make long term treatment and follow up accessible AND affordable to ALL who need it. AND, we need to treat the underlying cause of each individual’s addiction! We DON’T punish & torture innocent pain patients and doctors who actually try to do their jobs! Of the billions of dollars now allocated to “fight” the supposed “opioid crisis” & to continue the very harmful & unsuccessful “war on drugs”, far less is going towards treatment for ALL than to implement these policies that are dangerous to pain patients, going after innocent doctors, pushing medications that enrich big pharma, etc. Prohibition in the 20’s created the moonshiners, the crime, made the mafia & crooked politicians & law enforcement very wealthy! It did not stop sone people from becoming alcoholic. Our “war on drugs” & prohibiting pain patients from receiving opioid treatment, has done the exact same thing in this day & age and it won’t stop addiction!

      My heart truly goes out to this family and all who are suffering from pain and addiction alike! We are ALL being used and abused by our government!!

  9. It’s the modern western way of life that’s killing our backs. Between the poor food, unergonomic environments screwing up our posture, the sedentary habits, constant stress from being screwed by unfair social systems, it all adds up.
    Other cultures have less backache, and treat it with massage and exercise.
    For those with chronic pain, opioids managed with discretion can be the last choice between a tolerable life and one like this poor gentleman had.
    May he rest in peace

  10. Another unnecessary death and can any one show me how his suffering and death helped 1 drug addicted person. I do not even believe an addict would wish this suffering on another human. How can the USA leaders continue to let this happen.

    It helped no one and God only knows how this man suffered and came to the decision that he couldn’t bare the pain, bare his family seeing him suffer and feel like a burden to his family, to the physician who turned his back on him, the government for encouraging this kind of treatment.

    Paola Antonio Argenzio and family you have my deepest sympathy and prayers for what you have unnecessarily been put through. RIP and may your family know you are no longer in pain and find comfort in that.

  11. Another unnecessary death attributed to the unfounded “War on Opioids”! My heart breaks for his family and for all of us in the chronic pain fanily. No person deserves to be punished because he/she requires prescription pain relief medication. An acutely hypertensive patient would receive immediate treatment for symptoms of a hypertensive crisis. Yet, a patient
    with uncontrolled pain (especially if that patoent has ever taken a pain medication) will be untreated for the pain,. made to feel guilty and no diagnosis made. Opioids are being abused, yes, but not by the legitimate chronically ill patients. Please stop punishing those of us who are tortured already!

  12. Basically we do way to.many back.surgeries in hope of relief and instead of the doctor being honest that you will always have pain he suggests surgery. Before you know it you have had 1 then 5 and then up to surgeries with each one making you worse. Then they tell to live with the pain. Well.Maybe we should be killing the doctors who tell you they don’t prescribe instead of ourselves. This just get worse and no one cares.

  13. Oh Christ!! It’s a dam good thing I don’t have a gun or Id be dead. Just went to a neurosurgeon about my back I’m in so much pain. His smartass told me he don’t scripts. Guess he just slices and dices without meds?

  14. I can very strongly identify with Mr. Argenzio’s events leading to the need of opiate medication for pain management after low spine surgeries. It was a struggle to live with intractable pain before forced tapering of the last, effective pain management therapy for pain management, opiate medication, prescribed, in a dosage that can help lower the pain level enough to continue to provide for a patients family. There are good people, family members that will attempt to step in and help but, the patients self esteem is but one issue in the life of a patient with intractable pain.. Education, self determination, and even the absolute necessity to remain active enough to accomplish lifes’ activities is not enough to defeat severe, lifelong, intractable pain caused by injury, disease, and doctor mishap. Doctor mishap and certain medical procedures leave the patient with overwhelming lifelong pain management NEEDS. Patients have been forced, to adjust to dot/gov “standards” of medication dosage even when some of the most prominent pain studies and physicians in the pain management field know that , it is harmful , even deadly for the patients well being to “live” in excessive pain. I don’t care how many studies have been done and who did them that claim less, is better, medication wise,for all people that have records of doing very well with tailored, custom dosages of opiate medication.Until a person is experiencing uncontrolled pain,personally and then involved in involuntary forced reduction of a pain management plan that has worked for years and decades without any negative incidence, the “experts” simply can not or will not recognize that each person dealing with pain over the persons tolerance will continue to head toward disaster.How long will it take for dot/gov to realize that for millions of people, opiate medication is necessary to manage our lives, and it can be done without influence upon the nations overdose statistics? How many other people, patients, have done as Mr. Argenzio was forced to do that has gone without any media reporting on it. Forced to do because our health “experts” who have the means to force their personal opinion upon us, without them personally experiencing intractable pain Sad, un necessary, The concept of forced “adjustment” to lower dosages for each and all has failed and NO amount of time will make it better.I am so sorry for all the people and families that have to endure torture and family member suffering because of “policy”

  15. Unbelievable! Why is this happening?? People deserve to have their pain treated!! We treat our pets better than this? The medical community needs to stand up to this travesty!!

    • If we did this to our dog we would be charged with animal cruelty… but it’s OK to do this to a human being. I don’t know how this can be happening. All I hear is ‘Opiate crisis’ We have a crisis alright but it is a lack of Opioids to people who need them that is the crisis.

  16. Your memorial link is no good

    • I don’t think it’s that the link is no good, I expect that it either crashed due to traffic, or was blocked because it’s too controversial, and has been shut down intentionally.

  17. My heart goes out to the loved ones of Paolo Antonio Argenzio. His death is tragic and absolutely unnecessary. It is well past time for our governments to be held accountable.

    The death toll will continue to rise. Opioid hysteria, and the shameful abandonment of persons struggling with chronic pain conditions leaves so many of us with no other choice.

    This is a national tragedy, both for the United States, and for Canada. I am trying to compile the suicide information for our lost ones in Canada. Please feel free to contact me.

    Nobody knows.

    Laura Robertson – CPASS
    Chronic Pain Support Services
    chronic pain @ bell . net (no spaces)

    Thank you, Steve, for all of your good work on our behalf. It makes a difference. You make a difference.

  18. Three children without a Father all for a fake ‘addiction phobia’ for a fellow who didn’t have “addiction disease”, …the genetic tendency to hyper-react to Opiates.

  19. When will this stop? When will people have no choice to get rid of pain but by taking their own life?
    It is unreal the carnage and despair that is marking our country to be one that is totally against all measures of the constitution and the hopelessness millions of pain patients are feeling,
    It makes me cry and be in total despair hearing about another death for no reason!

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