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Pain Warriors ~ the Movie – needs your financial support

Tina called me today and she has an anonymous donor who has offer to MATCH any donations to help the fund raiser to get to $12,000… If the fund raiser doesn’t get to $12,000 within SIX DAYS… the fund raiser will CLOSE and all donations will be refunded and this fund raiser will have FAILED… Because they failed to raise just $2800 more.

Tina has FIVE YEARS of work – without pay – dedicated to making this film a reality.  Not to mention that more than $100,000 that has already been expended to date in creating this film/project.

For those paying attention…  It is plain that few outside of the chronic pain community are fighting for all the abuse that the community is experiencing.  The drug manufactures, doctors, pharmacies/pharmacists are – at best – standing on the sidelines with their hands folded.

We have Insurance companies, PBM’s, healthcare corporation and others who are deciding what treatment that pts can or can’t have. Some are developing a “cookie cutter” plans of treatment that are applied to everyone … regardless of what could be the most appropriate therapy for a particular pt.

A few investigative reporters have done multiple segments on various TV stations regarding the plight of the chronic pain community, but it as if they were produced and broadcasted into a VACUUM…  One broadcast seldom seems to “seed” the interest of another investigative reporter in a different market place to do their own story.

It would seem that the chronic pain community has been left to FEND FOR THEMSELVES and to TELL THEIR OWN STORY. The completion of this film is just the first step in that journey… and unless another $2800 is raised by 09/18/2018 all the efforts to date could end up in FAILURE.

As one old saying goes … “… it is time to FISH or CUT BAIT …”

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  1. As soon as I read this story I was moved to donate. God bless this woman for making this movie!!! This is the attention we need. I have read numerous stories the past several weeks absolutely demonizing anything opioid related. I have yet to read a news article informing is that someone or suicide is on the rise because opioids are damn near impossible for a Chronic Pain Patient to get. This is just madness and now democrats want to tax opioids. Plus, starting next year the DEA has ordered opioid manufacturers to cut production. There’s more to that story but that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Heroin, illicit fentanyl, addicts, unscrupulous doctors, the Evil Kolodny have ruined our quality of life and noone will listen. That’s why we must ban together and suppirt this film. Any amount will help!!

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