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  1. They already have. My Blue Cross paid 100% previously. No more. $11,200.00 out of pocket. “Denied. Medically unnecessary” because there is no cure. I have been through everything. I only ask to be made comfortable enough to have any quality of life. That too is illegal. I could not get high on pain meds if I tried. No one does for long. That’s why no one ever overdoses on them. They are not any addict’s drug of choice alone. They are mixed with other illegal drugs and or alcohol, which we pain patients do not do. Now junkies can’t because there aren’t any pain pills on the streets, though poisonous Fentanyl laced heroin flows freely. Expect much more heroin. Mexican farmers are now growing poppies rather than marijuana. The Mexican government has responded, “We don’t have a drug problem. The U.S. does”

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