What happens to your medication coming to you from a mail order pharmacy ?

USPS Worker Nearing Retirement Found Dead in Mail Truck During California Heat Wave


A United States Postal Service worker has been found dead inside her mail truck during a sweltering heatwave in California.

Peggy Frank, 63, had worked for the Postal Service for 28 years and planned to retire soon. 

She had been on medical leave for several months after breaking her ankle, and returned to the job on Friday.

That same day, a neighbor found her unresponsive in her mail truck in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, authorities said.

“I am really so sad because she was going to retire really soon,” Lynn Calkins, Frank’s sister, told KTLA-TV. “Now she can’t.”

Officials are working to determine Frank’s cause of death. 

Her family said they believe the extreme heat may have been a factor.

Temperatures in the area had soared to 117 degrees, and an excessive heat warning for the region had been released by the National Weather Service. 

In addition, USPS trucks are not equipped with air conditioning, CBS Los Angeles reported.

“They [the Postal Service] need to do something,” Calkins told KTLA-TV. “They need to start caring about their people a little more.”

A spokesperson for the USPS told KTLA-TV that postal workers are reminded every day to stay hydrated, wear appropriate hats and clothing, to carry water and ice and to stay in the shade as often as possible. 

“The safety of our employees is a top priority and the Postal Service has implemented a national Heat Illness Prevention Program (HIPP) for all employees,” a statement from the USPS said. “In connection with the HIPP, the Postal Service provides mandatory heat-related and other safety training and instruction to all employees and assures they have the resources needed to do their jobs safely.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the employee’s family at this time,” the statement said. 

But Frank’s family said the efforts made are not enough. 

“They need to change things a little so it happens to nobody else,” Calkins said.

Most medications are suppose to be stored in a max of 85F… if a mail carrier died because of the heat in her mail truck.. what is happening to your medications ?  The same medications that you buy/take to help you maintain your health.

The manufacturer, wholesaler & pharmacy are legally responsible to maintain medication within the mandatory storage range… but.. when a mail order pharmacy hands your heat sensitive medication off to a delivery service..  they no requirement to maintain those storage temperatures.

I recently made this post Getting your medications thru mail order can kill ?

about mail order medication where the pt – liver transplant pt – medication was so harmed by HIGH HEAT… that the pt started to rejecting his transplanted liver

REMEMBER… health care is nothing but a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS…

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  1. Yes,I know this isnt a solution.Yes,I’m sure most readers are weary of my constant opinion.And yes,I know everyone has an opinion,[like the other thing]However,what I continue toadvocate is not an opinion,but a steely hard fact of life,and it is this-SOMEONE is watching,listening,taking notes,and recording every nanosecond of your life”I KNEW YOU BEFORE YOU WERE FORMED INSIDE YOUR MOTHER”As the last breath leaves your body,your Real Life begins!You will be abundantly aware of the fact that life does not end just because your’shell’broke.And then comes the time of recompense.Then,you will see all the powers that be at this time,get repaid fully for how they treated their fellow humans.I have pain.So many of us do.But it doesnt even come close to burning in a lake of fire.That lake was created for our enemy,but anyone that conducts themself like him WILL join him in that very lake.And turning a blind eye to those in need is the biggest offense of all.Maybe that doesnt gratify you too much currently,but be assured,we will all see it.Woe to the one who can help his brother/sister,but doesnt.I think you know who I am indicating.TICK TOCK,TICK TOCK.NOTHING EVER STOPS THE CLOCK!!!Be encouraged.Payback is coming…..

  2. Unreal. No AC in the trucks but the USPS advises them “to stay in the shade as often as possible.” Ummm…they have to drive around where the mailboxes are, guys; they don’t have much option! That poor woman; I didn’t realize no USPS trucks had no AC.

    I’d never attempt to get mail-order meds if I had any choice in the matter…I already worry about what they’re exposed to before they get to the pharmacy.

    when Imitrex first came out, there was only an injectible form. I had several phone go-rounds with the company b/c my pharmacist told me it had to be kept at an insanely narrow temperature range, something like 60 to 72 degrees F. I pointed out that that made it impossible to keep at room temp in many houses –such as the one where I lived, which didn’t have heat or AC, & that temp range ruled out even a refrigerator. They basically said, “tough noogies, that’s your problem.” Eventually it came out in pill form, tho by that time I’d long quit it b/c I’d already had a catastrophic side effect…maybe because it went bad from wrong temps, who knows? Why market meds that have impossible storage conditions? because they didn’t advertise that little factoid, & they stood to make millions off it; screw the poor suckers that took it.

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