US justice (DOJ) dismissed my inquiry as they are too busy.

.  I am a chronic pain patient who has been on opioids since 2008.  I have degenerative disc disease.  I weakened my spine doing rigorous landscaping on a long trunk, I subsequently damaged it worse during an active sporting event.  I have had three back surgeries to remove disc material and one fusion.  I have permanent awful sciatica from permanent nerve damage & granulation tissue. 


I need help.  Back in October, I literally lost my job because my prescription was not delivered on time.  They are trying and being successful at making me wait till day 28 of a 28 day script.  I have always picked up on day 27 and in the past 3 years, and way back it was 5 days day 24.  Laws in federal and new york coincide to 5 days but pharmacy has own illegal policy?  Lost my job in october because of this hold, then when it was my day for them, they couldn’t get my medicine in stock within 48 hours, subsequently ran put within 12 hrs, had pain and pain anxiety resulting in issue at work and termination the following Monday.

  Complained to CVS and US Justice department to a person actually arguing what happened at CVS corporate.  Us justice dismissed my inquiry as they are too busy. 

I am at a loss Steve.  I moved here for that job and loved it.  Am now out over 20,000 dollars since this winter, cant find work in my field, going broke.   There is a bullseye on my back!


I used to take 3-30mg OC oxycontins per day with 4 by 10s/325 perks. That was 2010/2011 around surgeries.  Doctor has reduced to 15mg oxycodone IR x4 with muscle relaxants.  I need more but the doc wont move because I am at 90MME.  He will not even give me one dose per day!  There is money involved here and I am getting royally shafted. 


Nys law is not clear; says pharmacists can refuse but must pass on to guarantee care.  They cannot interfere or obstruct patients access to their medicine, yet it happened to me last month.  I dropped off, requested Saturday as it was reasonable at 2 days, promised by pharmacist herself.  Saturday came, different pharmacist said 6:45am while in pain and extremely low, “im not filling that, too early, come back tomorrow”. I had literally one tablet left.  My doctor gives 4 oxy ir per day, i was taken off the extended oxycontin because the new formula is junk, messed me up and literally caused holes in small bowel because glue/polymers.   Oxy ir works great with little side effect but i cant get 6 hours.  5 hrs okay most times and i always take it within label rate not more than 1 tablet per 4 hours.  Its a damm struggle to make each month and my doctor has a hard on for CDC recommendations.  Literally his child could be dying, he wont lift his hand an inch.  Totally brainwashed by GOV.   Its about doctor license 1st everyday of the year.


I’m sick of this crap, i need a friend and attorney and don’t see an absolute in law code.

AG Session: The Department of Justice under my watch is committed to transparency and the rule of law

I just made the post above a couple of days ago… apparently those within the DOJ didn’t get the memo from AG Session about the DOJ being committed to the “rule of law”. Perhaps AG Session is just using  “committed to transparency and the rule of law”  as just a good sounding “sound bite” and there is really no substance to it for the DOJ. Just more political BULL SHIT ? 🙁


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  1. I agree with Hope, I had a similar situation at Walgreens Pharmacy and they dropped me also after filling my scripts for years. I went to a supermarket pharmacy where I do have a one on one with the few pharmacists they have and they have been Great to me. My Heart goes out to you and hope you get this fixed promptly. I wound up in the emergency room due to lack of my meds as I cant stand them and tried cutting them in half to try to stop taking them. Bad idea that was! ER again with blood pressure dangerously high. These people are messing with our lives !!!

  2. This patient should have meds,left from when they were getting them filled early Pharmacists,and doctors look at when patients get their prescriptions early. Either they have meds left over from the previous prescription. Or they are taking more than prescribed. Chances are this is problem the DOJ had,with the complaint

    It is best to deal with an independent pharmacy. That way, you usually deal with the same pharmacist. Or you can talk to the Pharmacy Manager at,a large chain.. Ask them if you call and ask them their hours if they will tell you so you can come when they are working. Also be sure to call and talk to the pharmacist you deal with a several days before you are due for your prescription. Tell them who you are. what your prescription is for and how many. Tell them the day you will be in. Ask the pharmacist to please place an order if they are running low. Of course, there are no guarantees. But, you stand a better chance of not having any problems this,way than dealing with a,different pharmacist each time. It also gives the pharmacist you deal with every month. a chance to get to know you. This does not mean you can get your prescription filled early every month.

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