One pharmacy tried to charge me 10 TIMES the normal price!

Hello Steve, I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran. I am a retired USPS letter carrier. My wife passed away and I had lost our family plan health insurance. Though I am covered by the VA it is an hour drive from my home. Once  there I may wait for hours to see a different doctor every month. I am a chronic pain patient. I have been seeing the same doctor every month in Florida for the past 15 years. He is a Board Certified physician and the Chairman of the board of the largest hospital in my County. My question is: Is it legal for CVS to deny filling my prescription because I do not have private health insurance anymore? Driving several hours, and waiting around to get a 30 day supply of medication, at my age, is more than inconvenient. It is humiliating and very hurtful. I have an old minivan and I can wind up stranded somewhere. It costs $672 a month for private health insurance at my age! I can go into shock if I can not get my medication. What can I do? Furthermore, I wanted to add that I was denied medication because I didn’t have 6 or more medications . Uncontrolled medications can be mailed to me for free from the VA. One pharmacy tried to charge me 10 TIMES the normal price! Price gouging is definitely not ethical. Other excuses we’re we don’t have it because  ” We exceeded our quota” or we only get this for our “regular customers”. I am too sick to fight or go galavanting from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to get my medication. I won’t be able to care for myself or my two dogs anymore. I’ll lose my home, my independence, and wind up in a nursing home. What will it cost us taxpayers then?  Sorry for being too wordy, I am very scared now. Thanks for your concern and advocacy,

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  1. Isn’ t CVS Caremark just the mailing prescription part of CVS? I don’ t understand why you could use it at any other pharmacy??

  2. Thank you for your service to our country.! I’m wondering if you’ve tried using the Goodrx website. I’ve been bypassing my medicare plan and paying a lot less. It will tell you where to go and then you could call ahead to make sure they’ll honor your coupon. It’s free. Best of luck to you. Hang in there.

  3. Thank you so much for your service! I am outraged how our vets are being treated, esp. at the VA hospitals. If only the young, brainwashed millennials would study what is going on in these Hospitals & how are our vets are being treated, they would understand that this is what Socialized medicine looks like! But that’s another story.

    I read in one of the comment section, that you don’t have to use CVS if you have CVS Caremark. IT’S accepted at any drugstore. I think Mary w said that. I know that in Florida esp., CVS is outrageous because the DEA sued them for 75 million dollars and they have put illegal policies in place & left everything up to the capricious whims of the Pharmacists.

    I know Steve how you always tell us about the independent pharmacies. Could you relay that to this gentleman? And/or that he can try another pharmacy because CVS Caremark is accepted elsewhere?

  4. Sir. Thank you for your service
    It’s an outrage how your being treated. Along with Steve’s helpful information there are some vet pain groups on Facebook, etc .I hope you can hook up with to get ideas until this resolves for you.

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