Ohio: City Council unanimously voted to override the “will of the people” on MJ

Federal law leads New Albany to ban medical-marijuana businesses


Medical-marijuana businesses will not have a home in New Albany as long as cannabis is illegal under federal law, according to city leaders.

New Albany City Council on Nov. 28 voted 6-0 to become the latest central Ohio city to ban medical-marijuana businesses.

Mayor Sloan Spalding, President Pro Tempore Colleen Briscoe and Marlene Brisk, Mike Durik, Chip Fellows and Matt Shull voted in favor of the ordinance. Glyde Marsh was absent.

As a result of the ordinance, marijuana cultivation, processing and retail dispensing are prohibited in New Albany.

City attorney Mitch Banchefsky cited medical marijuana’s illegal standing under federal law as the reason New Albany moved forward with the ban.

Although medical marijuana now is legal in Ohio

and the federal government isn’t enforcing laws banning it, nothing would prevent the federal government from doing so in the future, he said.

“It all comes back to the federal issue again,” he said.

Should the federal government change its laws regarding medical marijuana, New Albany would revisit its ban, Banchefsky said.

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  1. Look what the government is doing with legal pain meds. I think marijuana should be legal. It’s a plant, but do you want to get comfortable with using it, because your State allows it?Then in the future have the Feds crackdown on you?
    We have no rights any more. Follow the money!

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