Opiate prescriptions can be filled… if the pt has enough CASH ?

Can you please give me some advise on how to get my valid pain medication refilled. I have been getting the same Rx for several years. I have had to stop taking my prescriptions to the big pharmacies because they always claim not to have them and they won’t order them. I’m disabled and I am forced to pay a local pharmacist $100 on the side for him to fill them. This is very difficult to accept because of my limited funds. But every month I am forced to pay off my pharmacist just to get my meds. Is this illegal of my pharmacist? 

Please help this is crushing me. No one here in Los Angeles fills pain meds unless your with a Kaiser or Cedae Sinai who fill all their patients scripts. I have a horrible blue cross plan. I can go to CVS but only if it’s in a Target store. This whole situation is horrible. Yeah you can get your meds by paying extra. My pharmacist even intimated one time he screwed up on a prior approval I asks him to fill it and we can handle it later he then said give me $300 and he would fill it. Next claiming that he k owe what they’re worth on the street. I don’t sell my Rx I need them . Just an example of what people are have g to go through because of irresponsible doctors and pharmacists. I didn’t get Oxyc tin over prescribed to me. But look what me a genuine pain victim is forced to live with.

Could this Pharmacy/Pharmacist be guilty of UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT… PBM/Insurance contracts that pharmacies have with them normally prohibits the pharmacy from charging the pt more than the copay that the PBM computer system states is the correct co-pay.

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  1. This is what its come to??!!!maryw

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