“I’m not comfortable” seems to becoming EPIDEMIC ?

Just a short question if I may..  I work at Walgreens as a tech we received a prescription for amoxicillin 500 bid but could not make out the directions..  the pharmacist refused to fill the script, but the store manager was pushing her to just fill it..  What would have been the consequences if she would if just filled it like he said. I get that it is amoxicillin bid. But the words and number in front of the bid were unreadable to all of us..

 The script was given back to the patient in filled.  There was no amount of caps on the script that we could make out  only that it was bit but no amount of how many bid or an amount to dispense..  this was at 10.30 pm and the prescribed was not open we did try to contact



As Pharmacists want to be addressed as “Doctor” because they have a PharmD degree and yet some of them can’t even make a simple decision that is in the pt’s best interest… The recommended dose for Amoxicillin 500 is BID (twice daily) X 10 days.

The pharmacy profession wants Pharmacists to be granted “provider status” so that they can work at the “top of their license”and be able to charge for services.. just not depend on revenue from filling prescriptions to “pay the bills”.

If this is an example of a Pharmacists working at the “top of their license”… the pharmacy profession and the pharmacy educational system preparing these pharmacists – HAS A PROBLEM !


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  1. They need to make up their minds, either they are qualified to override the written order of a medical provider or not!

  2. As any practicing pharmacist knows, if you cannot read a prescriber’s prescription, you always call the prescriber to clarify it. You never guess.

    • The information provided said that they could read Amox 500 BID… so the only question is how many days… so the pharmacist can make the choice to follow commended dose of 10 days or give the pt 1-2 days of the Amox 500 and call the doc for clarification… at least you minimize the chance of the pt getting worse and/or ending up in ER or being hospitalized. There is a major difference between GUESSING and making EDUCATED DECISIONS that benefits the pt

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