Don’t Get Stuck In A Hurricane Without Your Medicine

What do you take with you in an emergency? Clothing? Documents? Photos? Consumer Reports warns you should have your prescription medications too. Before disaster strikes, make sure you have all the medications you need on hand. But if you end up stuck without them, you should head to your nearest pharmacy as soon as it is safe.

CR says you should keep a list of all your medications along with the dosing info. If you have to evacuate, take all your drugs with you, in their original containers with the original labels. You’ll want to put them in a watertight bag.

If your medication is damaged, throw out anything that’s wet or looks or smells different — they may be contaminated by floodwaters, and dangerous to take.

“Once a state of emergency has been declared, in certain states, a pharmacist can give you up to
a 30-day supply of your medication without your doctor’s authorization,” Trisha Calvo, Consumer Reports Health Editor said.

The Red Cross and other disaster recovery agencies can assist with getting medication during and following disasters.

2 Wants to Know reached out to the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy to see what the rule is here. Jay Campbell told us pharmacists are allowed to give you up to a 90 day supply once state of emergency is declared.

He added that during Hurricane Matthew folks had to go to pharmacies they usually didn’t go to. So it’s important for you have the original bottle with all of the information.

Without it, the pharmacist doesn’t really know what you need. There’s also a state law that requires your insurance company to cover the costs


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  1. Good Luck if its a controlled substance

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